A picture of `blade runner` will be continued

A picture of `blade runner` will be continuedScreenwriter HAMPTON Fancher, who worked on the movie "blade runner", has received from Ridley Scott's invitation to engage in the plot continue. This was reported in the press release Warner Bros. Pictures.Also confirmed that the new film will be a sequel of the famous film adaptation of the works of Philip dick androids Dream about electric sheep", released in 1982.The action will take place some years after the events of "Running". Previously Scott himself evaded a direct answer to this question.Note that after the death of dick were written several works continuing invented history. Quite possibly, one of which and will be the basis for the new film.Recall that the film "blade runner" is recognized as a national treasure of the US, and a copy sent for permanent storage to a special archive of the Library of Congress. Source: Picture "blade runner" will be continued.

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