Olga Buzova pregnant from Dmitry Tarasov

Olga Buzova pregnant from Dmitry TarasovWell-known TV presenter Olga Buzova pregnant from her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. It is reported that he blurted out one of the participants of the TV project "Dom-2".Haven't yet been settled, the hype around the gorgeous wedding of TV presenter Olga Buzova and footballer Dmitry Tarasov as brewing a new sensation. They say that the leading scandalously famous TV show "Dom-2" is expecting a child. Allegedly social media appeared information about the fact that ' Olya from the "House-2" is pregnant.As transfers RBC-Ukraine, then a lot of people thought we are talking about one of the participants of the reality show Olga Gazhienko. In favor of this said, the fact that immediately after the news the girl went to the hospital. However, it turned out, meant another Olga - presenter Olga Buzova. It is reported that this information was confirmed by one of the participants "Houses-2", and alleged relatives Buzova hinted at her interesting position. It is worth noting that Olga herself said many times that he dreams about family and wants to be happy young mother. However, neither she nor her husband Dmitry Tarasov of this information is not commented on.We will remind, Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov were married June 26 in the framework of strict confidentiality. On the celebration that took place on the ship, attended by only the closest relatives and friends. For example, by Olga - Ksenia Borodina and Michael Terekhin, "households" Dasha and Sergey Pinzari, as well as Eugene and Anton Guseva, also recently celebrated a wedding, and from the Dmitry - Dmitry Torbinsky with his wife. The reception itself was held in the Griboedov registry office. It was implied that after the wedding the couple will go on honeymoon, but it never happened.In one of the joint Tarasov interview Buzova said: "it So happened that on 1 July Dimochka departed for the camp, so we could not go into a full-fledged honeymoon, and arranged a honeymoon weekend". In the end, the lovers booked a honeymoon Suite in the hotel with three rooms and a view of the Kremlin. "The room was strewn with rose petals, stood wine, fruit... Everything she wanted," said Dmitry. At the request Buzova Tarasov brought it to the room on his hands. "Even the dishes broke!" - said Dmitry. Source: Olga Buzova pregnant from Dmitry Tarasov.

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