Mel Gibson has found a new girlfriend

Mel Gibson has found a new girlfriend It seems that in their preferences Gibson never permanent. Like last time, heart of the actor captivated the girl from the world of music. New hobby Chalk became Italian singer Nadia Lanfranconi, which for five years now lives in Los Angeles, where he is engaged in promotion of his work.Nadia she writes words and music for her songs, though widespread popularity in the U.S., they have not yet received. But it is possible that now, thanks to Gibson, a career girl sharply uphill.First saw them together in the beginning of August, when Mel and Nadia came to dine at a Japanese restaurant. At this time, the couple staged a joint lunch. However the food doesn't seem interested. Instead, Gibson is with great pleasure that absorbed eyes new girlfriend. And later stood up from the table and began massaging his shoulders sweetheart, ignoring the surprised glances.I'd like to believe that the new story of our beloved actor had this time happy and not a sad end, as in the case with Oksana Grigorieva. Source: Mel Gibson found a new girlfriend.

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