Scarlett Johansson refuses to be beautiful `silly`

Scarlett Johansson refuses to be beautiful `silly`The figure of Scarlett Johansson stare many men, but she does not want to be known only for its beauty. The actress is happy with her aging, because it frees them from the roles of beautiful fools.In a recent interview with Scarlett said: "there are so many amazing women, and they don't even Actresses! I don't want to wear the label of "the sexiest alive". As an actress I strive for anonymity. I won't tell anyone about his personal life. I often read that is written about me, and I don't recognize myself in this news. I never wanted to be a sex symbol, always wanted to be a characteristic actress. As those actors that I admire. With age, I can count on more versatile roles. Young ingenue is done. I am thankful for those roles, but happy that they are in the past." Source: Scarlett Johansson refuses to be beautiful "fool."".

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