Irina Pegova and Dmitry Orlov told about the divorce

Irina Pegova and Dmitry Orlov told about the divorcePopular actors and recent wife Irina Pegova and Dmitry Orlov are divorced and settled all financial issues. Now Irina lives with their six-year-old daughter Tatiana and Dmitry, former long one, found a new girl.We will remind, about the disorder in the family of Irina Pegawai and Dmitry Orlov became known in December last year. As reported by the actor himself, the fights began and even before - three years ago. Orlov said that the conflicts in a family of actors were often initiated by his mother-in-law, and for Irina Dmitry was not the first place on the list of priorities. The artist preferred not to comment on the revelations of the former spouse.Their divorce from Irina Pegawai passed surprisingly civilized, and the pair converged on the settlement. Recently, the former couple decided all financial matters, and his daughter Tanya lives with her mother. After parting life actors not stopped: Pegova plunged headlong into work and raising her daughter, but the eagles have found a new love. Interestingly, only after the divorce, the actors began to give interviews and talk about how they had given separation."I have started a new stage in life. Not the worst, not the best. Just a new age, where everything is very interesting, exciting and I feel good. Today, her daughter, Tanya - my other half", - quotes Irina Pegova "Antenna". The artist said that he changed his mind to lead a six-year-old Tanya in the first class, and wants the daughter worked in different sections. "Now got her a Studio of modern dance. Still I dream that my daughter became a concert pianist. She goes and at rhythmic gymnastics, and figure skating. Autumn will give it to Taekwondo. Let's try to cover a lot of things," said Pegova.According to Irina, after her divorce from Dmitry Orlov love Tanya added: "When she's with me, I have to compensate for dad's absence, and when she's with him, Dima pours it three times more emotion". The actress said that after breaking up with her husband she had a new sense of yourself, your life and your time. "I don't procrastinate the history of our Dima parting. I live with completely different emotions and different mood," admitted the actress.According to a former husband of Irina Pegawai, Dmitry Orlov, he is resting from their married life. "I rest from this relationship, thank God they are over! Now - in the distance - I feel that the Ira, which three years terrorized me, a little embarrassed. Now there is no one to show his serious nature. Besides, I have all works out perfectly. I met an amazing girl Natasha with which you feel happy. Ira, of course, in the course: Natasha live together in a rented apartment, constantly taking to his Tanya, of course, my daughter is all "telling" mom" - quoted Orlov StarHit.The actor told that found a new love in the hospital, but the girl did not immediately respond to his advances. "I decided to apply the skills of the profession. Looked to her office, portrayed themselves Banderas, stood in poses, they say, look, I'm macho. She laughed. Then, when we started Dating, Natasha admitted that he was afraid of me, agreed, saying that the actor just wants to have fun," said Orlov. Dmitry, according to him, waited for him to get used to it. "I wanted she started to perceive me as in love with her man Dima Orlov and not some on-screen character. In April I realized: everything you need to move. Enough meetings in cafes, kissing in the car before parting," - said the actor.The daughter took a new girlfriend father is quite friendly. "We met in the Park Vorontsov ponds, Tanya was riding a bike, Natasha trailed after him. This option I was chosen not by accident: I needed to Tanya was not "attached" to us, she established the distance. But in the end my daughter used to hang out with us, asked Natasha about her life, she seriously answered. They got along great, and now, when I take my daughter to her home, she asked with hope: "Natasha?" Orlov admitted that he is very easy in a new relationship: "Wake up next to her and feel: forty years without Natasha I lived wrong, but with her I'm all right. To Pegawai I have these feelings experienced". Source: Irina Pegova and Dmitry Orlov told about the divorce.

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