The founder of the special forces of Poland was found dead

The founder of the special forces of Poland was found deadThe founder of the Polish special forces unit GROM Slawomir Petelicki found dead at his home in Warsaw. According to some reports, he was found with a gunshot wound to the head.One of the main versions of the death of 65-year-old General is suicide. However the consequence is also working on other versions, reports RIA Novosti.According to preliminary data of the Prosecutor's office, the death came on the evening of June 17. "All night at the scene was carried out investigative actions. The body of the Lord gen was taken to the forensic medical institution. An autopsy will be held, most likely in Monday," said a spokesman for the Warsaw district Prosecutor's office.Petelicki since the late 60-ies he worked in the exploration of the interior Ministry. From 1973 to 1978, he worked in USA Polish cultural attachГ©, science and the press. After that, in the headquarters of the intelligence, then in the Polish Embassy in Stockholm, the Deputy chief of counterintelligence, Advisor to the foreign Minister for the protection of the Polish embassies abroad.In 1990 he formed and until 1995 was led by the famous anti-terrorist special unit GROM (Group operationally agile response). Fighters of special forces participated in operations in the Balkans, Haiti and Iraq.Emergency response teams are prepared for a wide range of special operations. First GROM was directly subordinate to the order of the Minister of internal Affairs (Ministry of internal Affairs and administration), and from 1999-2008, the Minister of national defence. Since 2008 is part of the Polish special forces and obey the orders of the commander of special operations forces. GROM is stationed in Warsaw, has a base in Gdansk. Source: Founder of the special forces of Poland was found dead.

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