In Moscow opened an exhibition of night photography Wendy Paton

In Moscow opened an exhibition of night photography Wendy PatonThe exhibition "Faces of the night" images of American photographer Wendy Paton opened the new season of the Metropolitan Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers, RIA "Novosti".Several dozen black-and-white images, mostly portraits, are United by one thought: the night is a special time and people night is too special, be it a cafe, Albanian priest, running children or snatched from the shadow silhouette "beautiful stranger".Paton, 1981 swapped a successful career in equestrian sports on the main thing - the photo at the time, learned the tricks of night photography Michael Kenna - master of landscape moods, creating a meditative shots at slow shutter speeds. As Kenna, Paton - adherent film and experiments with hand print by the photographer "granulate" image for grain, takes the silhouettes in the darkness, blurs them due to defocusing and slow shutter speeds. Images included in "Faces of the night" was created over the last six years."For me, Wendy Paton is a consistent classic that continues the school hand seals, said at the opening of the exhibition curator Anastasia Lepihova. - This picture can hardly be called modern, it can be put on a par with the classical picture due to the great attention to detail, the time which the photographer works with the imprint".However, in contrast to the same Kenna, Paton more interested in the human world, human feelings and transformations, so her night - its characters and atmosphere."Every place I shoot, in new York, Paris, Chicago, is special for me," said the photographer. - Places and people in these pictures are different, but they are all about the emotions of the moment. That is what I try to convey in my photos".Series "Faces of the night" was first exhibited in new York in 2010, was later in Cologne, and has now arrived in Moscow, simultaneously enlarged by new pictures.Paton noted that she will continue to work on a series of night photos.Wendy Paton photography since the 1980-ies. He studied photography at the International Center of Photography in new York (International Center of Photography). Her first solo exhibition, which featured works from the Tableau was held in 2006.The exhibition "Faces of the night" is open until 7 October. Source: In Moscow opened an exhibition of night photography Wendy Paton.

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