A unique exhibition of works by Brassai was opened in Moscow

A unique exhibition of works by Brassai was opened in Moscow A unique opportunity to get acquainted with different facets of creativity Brassai, the famous photographer, the artist, of Paris, as it was called, is among those who will come to the Moscow multimedia complex of actual arts.On the first and last time presents the most complete collection of his works: photographs, sculptures, paintings, graffiti, and even a movie.Twilight lanes. Relief bridge, lit with gas lamps. Immersed in the fog of the street. Paris by night Brassai is the most famous series of the photographer. The pictures, published in 1932 as a separate album, earned him worldwide recognition. Since they are considered classics of photography."Of course, Brassai Paris modern Paris has nothing to do. We can say that the photographer seemed to have anticipated the story. He has repeatedly said that he wants to capture the Europe which will never be the same. It was his curiosity we now do not have enough," says exhibition curator agnГЁs de Gouvion Saint-Cyr.And where only the curious eyes of the photographer didn't look. Singer Paris and women's bodies at night like goes on the hunt in the city of sin and temptation. The images, which were then for some glamorous hits of Newspapers and magazines, and for others a revelation. Prostitutes, gays, night revelers, a waitress in a cabaret, couples in love... and a cat."Paris is not a city where you go to look at works of art, or to see the great writers of our time, but it is also a city of brothels. And he showed this city. And Paris, when he saw himself in the photographs of Brassai, partly admired, partly horrified," says the historian of photography Mikhail Sidlin.Admire BrassaГЇ began almost immediately, since, as in the 20-ies of the last century, a brilliant Hungarian photographer came to Paris, and to the present day, when his bronze sculpture `Head of Picasso` is just one of the many evidence of the extraordinary talent of the artist, a friend of Henry Miller, Picasso and Dali.Graffiti that someone could just not notice or consider bad taste, he invents a category of art. To create an image of him just a few sketches. For example, deep holes for the image of the eye, or horizontal crack on the mouth. Turns out the smiley. And moving graffiti on the carpet, the artist seems to be saying hi from street art bourgeois.While Brassai graffiti does not look like modern, colorful strokes in subway cars and on fences. They are more like cave paintings. But during the Second world war, when the shooting occupied Paris was banned, he enjoys different images."This is a unique opportunity to see and pictures of BrassaГЇ. First of all, his Nudes. And we need to ponder the question, why during the war, it was Nude. Because there are some values that are basic, and which help us to survive, even when Paris was occupied," says the Director of the Multimedia complex of actual arts Olga Sviblova.At the Moscow exhibition of Brossa for the first time demonstrated its funny movie about animals. Cassette with 15-minute recording was accidentally discovered under the bed after the artist's death. Virtuoso black-and-white photographic film, brassaГЇ here and played their favorite card game semitones, with a touch of mystery, energy and danger. All what he is mesmerizing and almost hypnotic.Source: Unique exhibition of the works of BrassaГЇ was opened in Moscow.

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