In Moscow today, we say goodbye to Sergey Kapitsa

In Moscow today, we say goodbye to Sergey KapitsaIn Moscow today, we say goodbye to an outstanding scientist and educator Sergey Kapitsa. He died on August 14, 85-m to year of life. Civil funeral will begin at noon in the house of culture of Moscow state University. The website Вести.Ru will broadcast the ceremony live.Bury scientist at the Novodevichy cemetery, the resting place of his father, the Nobel prize winner Pyotr Kapitsa.Sergei Kapitsa was called one of the most intelligent people in the world. The author of dozens of articles and inventions, the son of world-renowned scientist Peter Kapitza, he long studied physics and demographics. He taught at the famous Institute. Almost 40 years Kapitsa was the host of the program "the Obvious-an incredible" is one of the most popular on the national television.Sergei Kapitsa was born on 14 February 1928 in Cambridge, where at that time was a scientific mission his father - a prominent physicist Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa. The mother of Sergei Petrovich - Anna Alekseevna Krylova, daughter of the famous shipbuilder of Alexei Krylov. And godfather Sergei Kapitsa was a great physiologist Ivan Pavlov.In 1935 the family moved to Moscow, where Sergei Petrovich graduated from the Moscow aviation Institute. In 1961 he became a doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences. He worked at the Institute of Geophysics at the Institute of physical problems. P. L. Kapitza Russian Academy of Sciences, for 35 years he was head of the country's largest Department of physics at the Moscow physical-technical Institute.For over 30 years Kapitsa was the head of the magazine "world of science". Recently Sergey Petrovich actively studied problems of the information society, globalisation, demographics. Professor Kapitza in the field of applied electrodynamics led to the creation of the microtron.Sergei Kapitsa was a pioneer of scuba diving in the Soviet Union. He took the first Soviet underwater film about the sea of Japan, which was successfully shown at international film festivals, in particular in Cannes, just behind the film Jacques-Yves Cousteau.Sergei Kapitsa was a member of several of the world's scientific organizations - the European Academy, the world Academy of arts and Sciences, the club of Rome and other scientific societies. Scientist during his work became the winner of the kalingas, awarded UNESCO prominent popularizers of science, State prize, prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the promotion of science. In 2012 Kapitsa won the first Gold medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences for outstanding achievements in the field of popularization of scientific knowledge.His name was entered in the Guinness Book of world records, where it is noted as a broadcaster with the longest experience of conducting the programme. Source: In Moscow today, we say goodbye to Sergey Kapitsa.

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