Reconstruction of the battle of Borodino was visited by 165 thousand viewers

Reconstruction of the battle of Borodino was visited by 165 thousand viewers In a commemorative ceremony was attended by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, lost in the woods a group of French tourists who came to see the battle.Last Sunday on the territory of Museum-reserve "Borodino field" took place the solemn events dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the battle of Borodino.In honor of the memorable dates of Russia's President Vladimir Putin and other dignitaries laid a mourning wreath at the monument to Russian soldiers, laid August 1837 on the very spot where in 1812 he located the battery Nikolay Raevsky. The festive event was attended by about 165 thousand spectators."In the history of our country there were many tragedies and wars, but only two of them are called Domestic. That way they are sealed forever in our national historical memory", - quotes "Russian observer" of Vladimir Putin.According to the President, those events of 1812 unite today the residents of all the countries that experienced the military conflict. They also "serve as a lesson to us and cannot be the reason for the hostility and misunderstanding".The President also presented certificates conferring the title "City of military glory" to Maloyaroslavets and Mozhaisk. These decrees have been signed on 7 may of this year, ITAR-TASS reported.It is noted that in 1839, at the foot of the monument was solemnly buried the remains of the famous General Peter Bagration, who died from wounds received on the field of Borodino. Thus, in 1932, the monument was dismantled, however, restored in 1987, according to available drawings.Meanwhile, during the reconstruction, in the area of the field of Borodino lost five tourists from France who came to see the 200th anniversary of the battle of 1812."Five French tourists for a few days arrived at Borodino to look at the reconstruction of the legendary battle, suddenly disappeared", - quotes "Interfax" the representative of the Ministry of culture of the region.Futile attempts to find the missing have been undertaken by the MOE, but you later found themselves. It turned out that they went for mushrooms in the nearby forest, but got lost and could not find the way back.Source: Reconstruction of the battle of Borodino was visited by 165 thousand viewers.

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