Ivan Vyrypaev appointed as the new artistic Director of the theatre `Practice`

Ivan Vyrypaev appointed as the new artistic Director of the theatre `Practice`New artistic Director of the theatre Practice from April 2013 will be the Director and playwright Ivan Vyrypaev, which will replace on this post of Eduard Boyakov. This was reported on the official theatre website.Eduard Boyakov is the undisputed head of the "Practice" of 2005 by the then Director of the theatre was founded. The decision to change the artistic Director took the Boyakov, who invited Vyrypaev become the new Director of the theatre.According to Boyakov, the parish vyrypayev will provide "Practice" a new creative impetus needed for further development. The Director explained that his departure is not related to any external circumstances - it is caused only by the desire to contribute to the development of the theatre.The contract with Ivan Vyrypaev, who noted that he took an active part in the life of the theatre in recent years, concluded for three years. The repertoire of "Practice" is several performances vyrypayev, in particular, the "Comedy" and "Illusions", as well as the performances based on his plays which have been staged by Victor Ryzhakova ("July", "Genesis N2").Ivan Vyrypaev in 2006 was art Director of "Practice". In addition, the Director took an active part in creating Театра.Doc. He is the winner of many prestigious awards, including the award "the gold mask". Vyrypayev known in the movie: he removed the tape "Euphoria", "Oxygen" and "Short circuit".One recent project of Eduard Boyakov was the opening of "Politeama". The film has revived the tradition of poetry recitals at the Polytechnic Museum and discovered experimental theater, which shows his performances in a Large auditorium Polytech. Source: Ivan Vyrypaev appointed as the new artistic Director of Praktika theatre.

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