Lady Gaga is hit on the head with a metal pole

Lady Gaga is hit on the head with a metal pole American singer Lady Gaga suffered serious damage during his speech in New Zealand, where she arrived as part of a world tour, The Born This Way Ball. One of the artists participating in the concert, hit the pop star on the head with a metal pole.Popular singer suffered a strong blow to the head during a performance in Auckland. Dancer accidentally hit a 26-year-old star is the subject of the scenery during a performance hit Judas. The star was momentarily taken aback, however, gathered and finished performance."I want to apologize to their fans if they thought my behavior was a bit odd. Maybe someone didn't notice, but I got a stick on the head, and, most of all, I have a concussion, but it will not prevent me to continue the concert," he reached out to his fans Gaga.After the concert of the singer's makeup artist Tara Savelo, which is always next to her, once again assured fans that the pop diva is in order. "Gaga has a concussion but she is feeling well. She wants you to know how much she loves you. I can't believe she was able to finish the show," wrote Savelo on Twitter. She admitted that she was shocked by Gaga continued the show.After a few days Lady Gaga will continue her tour in Australia. The singer has planned for 14 concerts on the continent: two in Perth, three in Brisbane, four in Sydney and five in Melbourne.Let's note, may 27 Lady Gaga canceled her concert in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. All tickets for the show flamboyant singer were sold out, but the threat posed by radical Islamists has forced the singer to cancel the event. Members of the radical group has announced Lady Gaga as the "messenger of the devil". They stated that they will not allow the blonde to even get off the plane.Source: Lady Gaga is hit on the head with a metal pole.

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