Tom cruise cheating on Katie Holmes with Kurylenko

Tom cruise cheating on Katie Holmes with KurylenkoPopular Hollywood actor Tom cruise is accused of infidelity to his wife, actress Katie Holmes. Supposedly it is purely a working relationship with another actress and model Olga Kurylenko moved to the rank of a romantic. Himself Hollywood artist of this information does not comment.Tom cruise is actively removed and literally jumping from one film project to another. For example, now it runs between the two cities, new York and Baton Rouge, where conducted survey fiction Thriller "Oblivion". It is in this picture participates actress and model of Ukrainian origin Olga Kurylenko, who is a partner of Cruz. This 32-year-old actress gained fame as the next "bond girl", starring in the James bond film "quantum of solace", released on the big screen in 2008.According to the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the plot of the new film, which takes Joseph Kosinski on the eponymous graphic novel, simple. It tells about the hard life of people after the occupation of Earth by extraterrestrials. In order to destroy the aliens, hero Cruz, you must return to Earth.It is no wonder that Tom and Olga, being partners in the picture, spend a lot of time together. However, some secular chroniclers noted that the relationship of the cruise and Kurylenko is so warm and close, that you don't like working. And someone from the paparazzi even claims that they have a photo of Olga and Tom captured cooing together far beyond the shooting area. In General, all these rumors clearly indicate that cruise's better half Katie Holmes to get ahold of and control of the spouse. Choose Tom cruise and Olga Kurylenko prefer not to comment on this information.Meanwhile, evil tongues say that there is nothing surprising in the fact that Cruz drew attention to Kurylenko. Not only that, Olga of the same type as the wife of Hollywood actor, but it also looks much better than Katie, which is not particularly watching their appearance. The paparazzi was not once caught Holmes in a strange or unkempt clothing, and recently she was literally shocked with their gray hair.On the head the stars were created a complete mess. Hair Katie looked unkempt and unwashed, ugly drooping thin strands. Besides the star didn't bother to paint the gray hair, making her hair look even more untidy. Gray strands were so many that Katie looked many years older than his age. Source: Tom cruise cheating on Katie Holmes with Kurylenko.

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