Rihanna was shocked by the tattoo Chris brown

Rihanna was shocked by the tattoo Chris brownFamous singer Rihanna was shocked to see a new tattoo on his neck her ex-boyfriend Chris brown.According to sources close to the pop star, tattoo with the image of women in the bruises, the scars and bruises caused her disgust. Each star claims that as soon as Rihanna saw a new tattoo of a former lover, she stopped with him all communication, despite the fact that their relationship has recently begun to improve after a scandalous incident in 2009, when brown brutally assaulted her in his car."Of course, he knew what would people think making such a tattoo," says the source, " But this whole Chris - he is selfish and always thinks only about himself. For Rihanna, this figure is a painful reminder of what she had to endure because of him. It really hurt her. Immediately after she saw online pictures of his new tattoo, she's in a rage, called him and said that he felt really disgusted and put an end to them, newly resurgent relations." Source: Rihanna was shocked by the tattoo Chris brown.

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