Grand theatre waiting 6 Premier

Grand theatre waiting 6 Premier Grand theatre 236 completes a season. He was rich in events: the troupe returned to the stage of history. In this regard, the new - 237 season - many of the usual productions will have to re-adapt to updated stage. Theatre work is expected to be above normal."Went on vacation, and still have to work," says Sergei Filin. Troublesome turned out to be at the Bolshoi this season. Two months of vacation waiting for artists, but not the artistic Director of the ballet company. Sergei Filin is flying in from London to discuss Britain's Wayne McGregor greatest ballet premiere of the next season. Avant-garde, full-time choreographer of the Royal ballet a year ago captivated audiences Large plastic play Chroma, put in March 2013 "the rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky."It will be a completely original production staged at the Bolshoi theatre," says the owl.The Bolshoi ballet is waiting 6 Premier. The first is in October - will present "Apollo musagete" by George Balanchine. In the repertoire, this masterpiece of choreography of the twentieth century never was. "Apollo" with the Premier of the Great David E. Holberg, in the title role will be an evening of one-act ballets with "Dream of Dream" Finn Jorma Elo and "Classical Symphony" Yuri Posokhova, recently presented at the first festival theatre promises to impress viewers a new "Onegin". But not Opera, and ballet. This performance with Pushkin's story to the music of Tchaikovsky has never been shown in Russia - for all the fifty years that have passed since then, as its first production was John Cranko, the legendary British choreographer, who joined the dance and pantomime. The surprise of the season - ballet "Moidodyr", staged specially for children."Composer Efrem podgaits, choreographer Yuri Smekalov. It is very interesting work, this work will not be quite childish, because all work, all the troupe staged, this play was a Mature adult, although children's tale will remain as it is," says the owl.Children's performance and will give Opera troupe. Musical theatre Director Vassily Sinaisky conceived something like solfege lesson. 40-minute Opera, Ravel's "the Child and magic", which tells of Sinai, "singing teapots and saucers", will be preceded by "a guide to the orchestra"."This is a special symphonic works by Britten for guys, children are acquainted with the instruments of the Symphony orchestra, symphonic sound. The guys who will be listening to quite complex music of Ravel, should know what is the clarinet, what is the violin, many of them don't even know!" says Sinai.Adult music lovers - "La Sonnambula" by Bellini, Opera in the Bel Canto style", as named Sinai. But perhaps the most anticipated premiere of "Prince Igor" staged by Yuri Lyubimov. Legendary Director 4 - hour Opera, Borodin's going to halve."He's a very interesting historical lining and, accordingly, the music is there something changed, I mean the sequence of scenes. But, generally, this Opera was composed during the 18 years of individual fragments, and know exactly what I wanted to say Borodin, 100 percent impossible," he noted.237 season starts September 15. But a few days before that on the historical stage troupe will perform the Milan theatre "La Scala" Opera by Mozart's "don Giovanni", which will be conducted by Daniel Barenboim.Source: Grand theatre waiting 6 Premier.

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