Elena Vaenga has announced his departure from the scene

Elena Vaenga has announced his departure from the sceneOne of the most successful performers in contemporary show business Elena Vaenga has announced his departure from the scene. However, she does it only at the time - the actress is expecting a child.Popular singer Elena Vaenga as part of his tour traveled to Kazan, where he gave a great concert. From the stage, the artist turned to his numerous fans, who reported giving their last concert. "In Kazan - my last concert", - quotes the performer website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Vaenga gave no reasons, but all of it was clear in appearance of the actress: Elena is pregnant.Although the artist remains silent about his interesting position and makes no comments to journalists, Elena tries to hide from his fans. During the performance the performer spends less time in the race to the auditorium and more - on a chair on stage.Vaenga picks for concerts loose dress, full range of motion, gladly signing autographs and posing for photos with fans, however, secular chroniclers can't get to her. As only a few representatives of the local media wanted to take Elena on the camera, the singer defiantly turned their backs on them. The publication suggests that the Vaenga simply superstitious and doesn't want the pictures captured her interesting position.However, the singer has gone on some concessions. She did not try to hide the pregnancy. So, at a concert in Nizhny Novgorod Vaenga, realizing, finally, what is useless to deny it, tried to hide his interesting situation, on the contrary, all sorts of ways hinted at it. So, the artist admitted that weighs 90 lbs. And some secular chroniclers have gone further and stated that the Vaenga is already eight months pregnant. Source: Elena Vaenga has announced his departure from the scene.

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