Julianne Moore appeared on the cover of Fairlady magazine

Julianne Moore appeared on the cover of Fairlady magazine Julianne Moore graced the June cover of Fairlady magazine. She talked about marriage, career and British nationality.That she recently received British citizenship: "I just became a British citizen. This achievement, isn't it? I am very excited. For my mom it would mean so much. Her parents emigrated when she was 10 years old, so she had no other choice but to move to the USA. When she married my father, she had to give up British citizenship. My sister and I remember how she came home in tears and with an American flag".About the beginning of his career: "I have read all that I wrote Louise Mae Olcott. The acting was for me to continue reading. I'm not a performer by nature, but I'd like to apply for this rank".On marriage: "Love is a rarity. It becomes an important event occurs. How many of your single friends say: "I can't find anyone"? On the other hand, marriage is not only romance. It requires time and investment in each other and in children. I was going through a divorce. I got married too early and really didn't want to. To live in marriage, you need to want it". Source: Julianne Moore appeared on the cover of Fairlady magazine.

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