Olga Kurylenko on the cover of a magazine Flaut

Olga Kurylenko on the cover of a magazine Flaut Ukrainian actress and model Olga Kurylenko participated in a new photoshoot for the famous American gloss Flaut. However, in these photos, the famous "bond girl" does not look like that girl that we all knew her three years ago.Since then, Olga has changed dramatically: now she has gorgeous long hair, she also lost decisively, from what began to seem even more fragile and petite.However, for all its external subtlety and vulnerability, a girl, as it turned out, possesses an iron character. To this conclusion you can come, if you read her interview, which accompanies the pictures."Belonging to the working class in Ukraine, taught me to soberly assess the situation, and I fear that I begin to indulge in the illusions. I know what is real life and not going to replace her unrealistic expectations. I can discern what is true and what is false. And if I have to play some games with destiny, I'm doing it, and never go astray" - has openly admitted Olga. Source: Olga Kurylenko on the cover of a magazine Flaut.

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