In Russia starts last season of `house M. D.`

In Russia starts last season of `house M. D.`On the Russian TV channel "Home" started eighth and final season of the cult TV series "house MD". Hugh Laurie, who played in it the main character, an eccentric medical genius that violate traditional norms of decency and professional etiquette, admitted that he had long called for the idea that it's time to finish."I have long thought the house very cameraswireless and to take such suicidal ideations constantly simply impossible. Eight years house teetering on the brink of life and death. As you can?" quoted Laurie, the newspaper "Izvestia", he took a phone interview."I have long had thoughts that perhaps we already told him everything he wanted. Every week for eight years I thought, "Well, they can not again to take care of it," admitted the actor. - Then read the script of the next series and realized that this is a really interesting story and again there is something of this sort. But, apparently, the moment came when the authors had to postpone the pen aside. I think they said to themselves something like: "That's all. You can safely sleep on the medical guide, we have nothing more to invent".According to Laurie, house could be his friend because he is willing to "tolerate his childishness and narcissism eight-year-old child" for his extreme talent."I think we would not be getting eight seasons if he wasn't worth it. By and large, we're not too fond of the good and righteous - they are usually incredibly boring," said the actor.He soglasilsa that his hero is going to miss Cuddy. We will remind, actress Lisa Edelstein left the series before the eighth season. "It will hurt him, because he missed his chance to be happy. But it is natural for house - he is destined to sit on the train," skazal actor.Laurie I agree that "Dr. house" put a cross on his serial career, but noted that in the first place will not agree to play. "I even could, perhaps, become a producer or Director. In the eighth season, by the way, I took one series exactly as directed. But to play the long-running weekly project would not. The lath house is too high. When people complain about "Dr. house", I think: "I wish I could see what you see, because I don't find" - with humor the actor said.Role generalnog doctor misanthrope made Laurie internationally famous. She not only earned him two Golden globe awards, but also made him one of the most popular in the world teleakterov.We will remind, in parallel acting career, Laurie in recent years began to build a musical a few years he played in the group Band from TV, created by famous actors, participants of the TV series "Desperate Housewives", "house", "Desperate heart" and others. In Band from TV Lori has performed as a vocalist and pianist, although in addition to this tool, it also owns good harmonica, saxophone and guitar.In late June, he gave concerts in Moscow and St.-Peterburge as part of a tour in support of their debut album Let Them Talk.Debut Blues album released by media giant Warner Music. One week after the disc got to the top of the British national charts and Hot 100 music Billboard magazine. Laurie wrote it not only in Los Angeles, but in New Orleans."In my imagination New Orleans literally exudes music, romance, joy and despair. His rhythms into my shy English soul and from time to time made me so happy or sad that I didn't even know what to do. Music has always been a great source of comfort for me and if acting is to wear a mask or image, music, in General is the removal of the mask and the exposure of themselves," says Laurie. Source: Russia begins the final season of "Doctor house"".

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