Daineko, will be treated for Allergy in Germany

Daineko, will be treated for Allergy in GermanyPopular singer Victoria Daineko gathered in Germany. The actress will undergo a course of treatment for allergies, which tormented her for a long time.Victoria Daineko asked still a qualified health professional about your allergies. The actress decided to undergo treatment at the Munich medical. About his many fans declared itself a popular performer in his own microblog."I really want that German doctors were able to somehow alleviate my allergies, if not to cure it permanently," he shared his hopes with fans of NOFX. Young actress admitted that she's nervous before the trip. The singer even has published in his microblog photo of the passport and any flights.Note that Allergy, which affects Victoria Daineko, quite serious. For example, the girl cannot stand the smell of tobacco smoke. A few years ago, Russian fashion week after applying make-up artists make-up at the singer started having problems with the eye that had been caused by an allergic reaction or infection. But then the actress has preferred to be treated yourself, ask for advice not to specialists, but to the friends.In the domestic show business not only Victoria suffers from allergies. For example, the same problem Natasha Koroleva. She was 25 years old suffering an Allergy to pollen, but every year the problems with nasopharynx are increasing and treatment is delayed. In the end, the singer decided to go to the doctors, who gave her a frightening diagnosis: if she will continue to lead a lifestyle that leads, that is, the partying, and as a result, disordered eating, if you don't sit on a special diet, her allergies, which, as it turned out, not an Allergy, but a serious violation of the immune system can lead to autoimmune diseases.In other words, the body of the Queen will begin to produce cell-killers that will destroy not only sick, but also healthy cells. Doctors recommend Natasha a special diet. The Queen was frightened and listen to their advice. But soon she realized that she cannot live "sterile," and admitted in an interview that periodically allows a "forbidden" foods. Source: Daineko, will be treated for Allergy in Germany.

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