Vladislav Doronin threw Naomi Campbell for Kate moss

Vladislav Doronin threw Naomi Campbell for Kate moss Unexpectedly, but reliably! Billionaire and, concurrently, the groom's famous "black Panther" Naomi Campbell decided, albeit at the time, but swap one model for another. Yesterday Doronin seen in the company of the British Kate moss on one of the elite beaches in Spain.And not just "in", but literally in each other's arms. However, judging by the pictures that have made local paparazzi, husband of Kate, Jamie Hinz was there and even't flinch - they say that they are just friends and nothing more.Apparently Vladislav've missed my better half who is now involved in the shooting of his new program in the USA that decided to show tenderness and warmth tucked under the arm of moss. Still the same model, and of the right age.And I want to say: be careful, man! Don't you have head to sew and a new mobile phone to buy Naomi! Source: Vladislav Doronin threw Naomi Campbell for Kate moss.

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