Son Pevtsov is still in serious condition

Son Pevtsov is still in serious condition The son of the actor Dmitry Pevtsov Daniel is still in serious condition. Doctors reported yesterday that the young man remains in office neuroregenerative,.Father Daniel Dmitry Pevtsov, this is still not give interviews about the health of his son, decided to appease his many fans and friends and family of the young man. "The boy is stable. God willing, all will be well. For Danya pray around the world. Thank you," said the actor, "Komsomolskaya Pravda".In Daniel Botkin hospital Singers came on Saturday morning - after dropped from height of the third floor.In the night from Friday to Saturday Singers Jr. was at a party in the home of his friend. In the company of two girls he went out to smoke on the balcony, where the accident happened. According to the media, surrounded by a young man there are people who believe that he deliberately jumped off the balcony, or he could "help". However, the investigation inclines to the version of the accident. This opinion was shared by friends Pevtsov, Jr.Daniel Singers received opened cranial-a brain trauma, a fracture of the skull base and brain injury. Doctors four hours fought for his life. The son of a famous actor was hospitalized in a coma. He suffered clinical death and still not regained consciousness.However, according to doctors, now the life of Daniel Pevtsov not in danger. And although dangerous postoperative period passed, found the young man a long and difficult rehabilitation, says "Evening Moscow". Earlier it was reported that relatives can send Daniel for treatment abroad when he becomes transportable. While this information is not confirmed, nor denied.Source: Son Pevtsov is still in serious condition.

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