In Moscow begin performances by the `ballet`

In Moscow begin performances by the `ballet` In Moscow begin performances of the theater "Kremlin ballet", to be attended by international stars. They will represent more than ten classical performances. First in the program - the ballet "Swan lake" will be shown Tuesday night on the stage of the Kremlin Palace.She was born in Czech Republic, 16 years living in England, and accept it for Russian. "Because I'm Daria Klimentova," she says. Russian name, Russian school in Prague taught dance at the Vaganova system. But in 20 years of a brilliant career is not a single speech in Russia."I am really honored for the first time to dance in Moscow, and "Swan lake" is a symbol of Russian ballet! And yet - this is one of my favourite performances. I like the story, there is a white Swan and black, and you can show a contrast, different emotions," says prima ballerina of English national ballet.Daria dancing with a partner English national ballet - the Prime Minister Vadim Muntagirov. The native of Chelyabinsk, a graduate of the Perm choreographic school, he already speaks Russian with an accent - three years of dancing in London. It is often paired with Daria."We danced "Giselle" and she helped me the first time. And I basically spoke English, and she speaks Russian. We have a lot in common, we are not only rehearsing and dancing, we can go behind the theatre to sit and just talk," says Vadim.A month on the Kremlin stage - guest star from London, Berlin, St. Petersburg.The theater "Kremlin ballet" has already made in Greece: last year in Athens 22 times showed "Swan lake". In the performances shone Russian dancers and soloists of the leading ballet companies of the world. The project proved so successful that they were continued in Moscow.Now the poster is not one, but six titles: in addition to "Swan" - "don Quixote", "Sleeping beauty", "Corsair", "Giselle", "Romeo and Juliet". No private rooms, as happens in a ballet gala concerts, and fully staged."The artists like it better, they are able to reveal more of yourself, to come, to dance the whole performance, to show their interpretation of the image, role," says artistic Director of the theater "Kremlin ballet" theatre, people's artist of Russia Andrey Petrov."It's interesting for the public because they have no opportunity, for example, to fly to London to see "Swan lake" or to Berlin to see "don Quixote" or "Sleeping beauty." And there they have an all in one month," explains the producer of the project, Prime London Royal ballet, Covent garden, David Makhateli.Federico Bonelli, Premier house "Covent garden", in Moscow for a week. Rehearsing the role of Romeo. Danced it many times, but never in a version by Yuri Grigorovich."First you learn the steps and support, you need to remember all the details. And then, when the movement brought to perfection, you can think of a way to tell the story," he says.Moscow project with participation of stars of world ballet will last until the end of September, but tickets for some performances are impossible to get, despite the fact that the Kremlin Palace is one of the biggest halls in the world, it has a capacity of 6000 spectators.Source: Moscow begin performances of the theater "Kremlin ballet".

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