The Director Alexander Mikhailov legs were amputated

The Director Alexander Mikhailov legs were amputatedRussian filmmakers Alexander Mikhailov surgeons cut off both legs due to a serious illness. Producer a dozen films, including "the Cloud-Paradise", "the Money changers", "Sagittarius restless", "I trust In you", was hospitalized a few days ago with abdominal pain.The survey found critical circulatory disorders of the lower extremities, gangrene. To save the life of 57-year-old producer and Director, according to doctors, could only amputation, reports Life News.According to the publication, currently the producer after the operation is in intensive care National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov. The patient's condition is assessed as serious but stable.Alexander Mikhailov was born on 21 September 1954. He graduated from the Institute of culture. Has passed a way from the mounter decorations to the Director of the theatre. Ten years Mikhailov worked at the Studio "Mosfilm". In 1988 he was appointed Director of the Association "Youth". Two years later he became CEO of the film Studio "12A" Rolan Bykov Foundation. The producer is also Vice President of the Fund.Mikhailov was produced over a dozen films including "the Cloud-Paradise", "Running on the Sunny side," "the Moneychangers", "I trust In you", "Sagittarius", "If I'd known...", "Hagi-Tragger", "Simple", "Whistler", "Break point" and others.As Director Alexander Mikhailov in 2006 took a picture of the "Blues falling leaves". Last year he received the prize of the festival "Vivat cinema of Russia!" for best Director of the film "Whiskey and milk". Source: the Director Alexander Mikhailov legs were amputated.

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