I Karachentsov has seizure

I Karachentsov has seizureOn holiday in Turkey with the actor had a serious attack, because of which he is now forced to learn to walk again.After a terrible car accident that forever changed the life loved by millions of actor Nikolai Karachentsov seven years later and contrary to the predictions of doctors, to a normal life Nikolai Petrovich, alas, never came back. As it turned out with the actor consistently twice a year there are serious attacks. However, this spring, contrary to the expectations of relatives. the attack happened. Gladdened, Ludmila Polina, spouse Karachentsov, I decided to take a "favorite Coca" in Turkey: fresh air, rest, gain strength... But the next day, as the couple arrived in a Turkish hotel, the attack happened.After him, Nikolai Petrovich cannot move independently - carry it on a wheelchair. However, the actor's wife. I am sure that very soon motor function is restored. "This is not the first case. Once more than half an hour a Coke in a sense couldn't lead. Then measures and gave us a functional wheelchair," said Polina. Source: Karachentsov has seizure.

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