Identified as the cause of death of five-time world Boxing champion

Identified as the cause of death of five-time world Boxing championThe cause of death of five-time world Boxing champion American johnny Tapia has become a heart disease. These are the results of the autopsy of the body of the athlete announced by the wife and the Manager of the boxer Teresa Tapia.According to her, the death of johnny Tapia is not associated with drug overdose. The Associated Press reported.Teresa Tapia said that her husband died because of heart disease and high blood pressure. Traces of illicit drugs, according to the wife of a boxer, in the body Tapia was not detected.The autopsy showed that the athlete was suffering from hepatitis C (presumably the infection got into his body with a needle, which Tapia was doing one of the many tattoos). At Tapia also revealed chronic traumatic encephalopathy - a disease characteristic of boxers who during his career has received many blows to the head.Tapia died at the 46th year of life. The boxer was found dead at his home in Albuquerque on may 27, 2012. On the floor next to the body of the athlete found a pill of hydrocodone (an opioid analgesic). According to doctors, the hydrocodone could have a negative impact on the heart of a boxer, but the use of this drug in itself the cause of death Tapia was not.The doctors explained that the death of an athlete is not explained by an overdose of alcohol or drugs, but the disease Tapia may be associated with the use of athlete drug use.As writes the edition ABQ Journal, Teresa Tapia suggested that her husband could die from an enlarged heart, which "just stopped". At the time of death heart Tapia weighed 405 grams - about one hundred grams more than the heart of a normal adult male.Throughout quarry Tapia struggled with drug addiction. In 1990, he was suspended for three and a half years because of cocaine use. In 2008, Tapia was convicted of drug possession and received a suspended sentence, and in 2009 left the city without police permission and a few months spent in prison.Their first League title Tapia won in 1995 he became the world champion under version WBO (world Boxing organization) in weight to 52.2 pounds. Subsequently, he again became world champion in this weight category, has twice won the titles in weight to 53.5 kg and a weight to 57,2 kgs.According to Teresa Tapia, the life of her husband will shoot two films: the documentary "Tapia" and "johnny". Source: identified as the cause of death of five-time world Boxing champion.

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