The Macaulay Calcio there are not more than half a year of life

The Macaulay Calcio there are not more than half a year of lifeThe star of the once super-popular movie "home Alone" Macaulay Culkin is completely down because of their addiction. They say that once a famous actor remained not more than six months of life.The same playful red-haired boy, who single-handedly mocking "dealt" with a couple of unlucky criminals, from both parts of the movie "home Alone" Macaulay Culkin now is not only almost removed, but completely withdrew from the world. The actor is rarely seen on the streets, and if it hits the camera lenses of the paparazzi, we all notice that the artist clearly looks bad, and the rumors about his questionable Hobbies - drugs and other prohibited drugs - does not seem to be speculation.Now, it has appeared that a handful of friends who are still trying to pull Macaulay from the hell of his own making, seriously fear that the actor left very little time for salvation. The account goes on for months. Artist give not more than six months, reports StarHit with reference to the American press. It is reported that Culkin "dabbles" not "some" of marijuana or cocaine, and something heavier: he "sits" on heroin and oxycodone (analgesic drug).Moreover, even called the amount Macaulay spends on its questionable Hobbies: six thousand dollars per month. Secular chroniclers stated that his apartment in Manhattan, a once-popular actor turned literally into the den where he spends most of his time with his pals. Some even reported that Kalkin barely pulled from the world in the past year.Interestingly, the official representatives of the actor reacted to the alarms of the press very quickly. So, the press Secretary Kalkin Michelle Run publication called "laughable fake" insulting to her client, and said that Macaulay is in excellent physical shape and very healthy.The newspaper reminds that the culprit misadventures Macaulay Kalkin, according to the newspaper, became a popular actress and star of the film "Black Swan" Mila kunis. They dated for nine years, and the actor was going to make a sweetheart offer. However, she left him and now spends time with her ex-husband another Hollywood celebrity actress demi Moore Ashton Kutcher.It is noteworthy that in 2000 half-sister of Macaulay Kalkin Jennifer died of a drug overdose, for the same reason in March 2012, died 24-year-old actor friend Elijah Rosello. The girl's parents accused the actor in the death of their daughter. Source: Macaulay Calcio there are not more than half a year of life.

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