`The Avengers` became the leaders by the number of blunders

`The Avengers` became the leaders by the number of blundersThe movie "the Avengers" which was at the time of this writing the highest grossing project in 2012, also became the absolute leader in the number of blunders.As reported by the resource MovieMistakes, specializing in the production of ratings, in the picture about dvuhmestnoj critical errors.For example, in one scene, when Dr. banner turns into the Hulk, he is wearing brown pants, but after transformation, they are somehow purple.In another episode, Captain America Boxing bag, then strikes a mighty blow, and sports equipment breaks down from the mount and hits the wall. If you look carefully, you will see that the chain on which hangs a pear, even not moving at the moment of the final blow.Most often in the film is changing the face of Tony stark. So, in some scenes on his face are visible abrasions, but after a second there is no damage.There are a number of factual errors. In the episode in which the action takes place in Stuttgart in the picture appears the sign "Reservierten Parken" (reserved Parking space), whereas in German it's "Reservierter Parkplatz".All these mistakes did not prevent "the Avengers" to earn almost half a billion dollars in worldwide box office. Source: "the Avengers" became the leaders by the number of blunders.

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