Big changes in the creative life of Anna Semenovich

Big changes in the creative life of Anna SemenovichA famous singer and sex symbol of the Russian show business Anna Semenovich has signed a contract with the company Velvet-Music. The actress will now cooperate with the sister of producer Konstantin Meladze Vine.Many changes have taken place in the creative life of a famous singer Anna Semenovich. Expired her contract with the producer center "Shiny-Production", a collaboration that lasted for nine years. Now the artist has collaborated with Velvet-Music running Liana Meladze, sister of producer Konstantin Meladze."I start working with new producers, the undisputed professionals, Alena Mikhailova and Liana Meladze, who lead the company Velvet-Music. I am sure that our cooperation will help me to explore as a solo singer. We have a lot of interesting ideas and plans. We have already started working on new material, which I hope will appeal to my fans," quoted Anna Semenovich "Express newspaper".The artist has already managed to shoot a video for a new song. The shooting took place in Kiev. The plot Semenovich goes on a journey. However, the work was a lot harder than it seemed at first glance. So, Anna said: "In one scene I eat delicious juicy cherries. Naturally, there were several dozens of duplicates, during which I had to eat almost two pounds of berries. I think that before next summer I ate cherries".In another episode Semenovich risked falling off the scooter. "The scene we were shooting in the pavilion, later using computer graphics will finish the road and surrounding landscape. And during the filming of the scooter was standing on a very narrow pedestal and I was afraid I was going with it along with the bike", - said the singer.By the way, in one interview, Anna Semenovich dispelled rumors surrounding her alleged wedding and pregnancy: "I must say: the wedding I don't plan to. But I can say for sure: if it is, I will not say neither date nor place. The wedding itself that I draw myself, will be away, it will be two, maybe four people". Semenovich has told me that he will photograph myself: "I'll shoot or I or my close friend. And to this day will not be journalists and I will quietly enjoy this day and her husband." Source: Big changes in the creative life of Anna Semenovich.

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