Health Ilya Reznik causes doctors have strong concerns

Health Ilya Reznik causes doctors have strong concernsThe health of the poet Ilya Reznik causes doctors have strong concerns. They insist on emergency surgery to install a pacemaker to maintain the heart's rhythm. Resnick is unable to walk and barely talk.Now the poet is prepared for surgery. In the house of Ilya Reznik round the clock doctors on duty. He was prescribed a course of treatment, and doctors meanwhile are discussing whether to put the patient pacemaker. The patient lies and occasionally speaks with the staff and loved ones, informs NTV.The 74-year-old poet had a heart attack after he watched the program "Let them talk". The Reznik in the Studio was it specifically for the recorded broadcast of your video commentaries and also provided photos and videos from the archive. While the butcher promised that the program will be strictly positive.But in the end on the TV show, which looked the author hits for stars of the Russian platform, the guests rather unflattering expressed in his address. Among those who made a criticism Reznik, was his ex-wife, singer Lyubov Uspenskaya.The arrived doctors "first" diagnosed poet hypertensive crisis, but he refused hospitalization. "The nightmare that was happening in the Studio - it's just a mess! When Elijah heard that actually occurred on the transmission, suddenly felt ill. He has taken heart, we immediately called the family doctor, because of "fast" her husband refused," said the wife of Ilya Reznik, Irina.Day the poet spent at home, and then at the insistence of the wife turned to the experts. The doctors diagnosed a heart attack. The condition of the country deteriorated, he was taken in closed military hospital in Moscow. Source: Health Ilya Reznik causes doctors have strong concerns.

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