Robert Pattinson decided to talk to Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson decided to talk to Kristen StewartFamous Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson has decided to take pity on his former lover Kristen Stewart and for the first time after the break to talk to her.According to rumors, the 22-year-old actress, who changed Hollywood handsome with a married Director of "snow white and the huntsman," wrote Robert about 100 messages asking to talk to her, but he ignored all her calls and SMS. Moreover, the actor conveyed through their shared with Kristen's friends, so she immediately left his mansion in Los Angeles and took all their belongings."Robert decided to give her a chance," says a source, " He decided, first, to answer her call and give her a chance to explain. Maybe Kristen will be able to regain his trust and love... But Rob's friends doubt it. They are convinced that he will not be able to forgive her infidelity". Source: Robert Pattinson decided to talk to Kristen Stewart.

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