Published unknown story Fitzgerald

Published unknown story FitzgeraldThe New Yorker has published a previously unreleased short story by Francis Scott Fitzgerald Thank You for the Light ("light"). The unknown story of the author of "the Great Gatsby" can be read here.A little story about the smoker and the priest was written in 1936, when Fitzgerald, for whom the publication of short stories in magazines was an important source of income, suggested that the text in The New Yorker, but the journal refused to print it. According to The Huffington Post, The New Yorker felt that the story was weird and totally not associated with the writer.After more than 75 years The New Yorker decided to reform and have used again the suggestion. The manuscript was found by the heirs of the writer who was going through his papers, then put them up for auction Sotheby-s. This year, The New Yorker has offered to print the story a specialist on the works of Fitzgerald, editor James West (James West).The main character of the story Fitzgerald is Mrs. Hanson, a woman of 40, the owner of the company for the sale of corsets and belts. She goes on a business trip in several US States where Smoking is not welcome, and Mrs. Hanson likes to smoke a cigarette to relax during a busy day. Search designated Smoking area lead the main character in the Catholic Cathedral.Fitzgerald, to which considerable success has brought the novel "this side of Paradise" (1920), after its release was printed in many Newspapers and magazines. The New Yorker reported on the newspaper's website, 1929-1937, has published three short humorous story by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and a few verses. Source: Published unknown story Fitzgerald.

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