From the gallery in new York stole a painting of Dali

From the gallery in new York stole a painting of DaliFrom the new York art gallery in Manhattan stolen painting by the great Spanish painter Salvador Dali "don Juan Tenorio". The canvas is worth 150 thousand dollars in valuables from the gallery in rush hour.The incident occurred last Tuesday, however it became known of it just now. The first of the abduction of the picture found out the owner of an art gallery on Madison Avenue Adam Lindeman, he immediately informed the police.Interestingly, the art thief managed to bring out of the hall on the third floor right at the rush hour in the presence of a guard. A young man walked up to the painting and asked permission to photograph it. The guard refused and was forced to immediately distracted by another customer. The thief seized the moment to put the painting in a shopping bag and fled the scene.However, the thief was clearly recorded by surveillance cameras. On the record shows that he was in a plaid shirt walked into the gallery with a black bag. After some time, the man again came in sight of the cameras - this time he was holding a bag with the picture. Now the police have started an intensive search of the robber, reports the BBC.We will add that in January of this year, the criminals who stole from the Athens art gallery three paintings, acted with less cynicism, but with more technical training. The thieves disabled the alarm, hacked metal door, got inside the building and stole three paintings. The RAID also lost painting "Head of a woman", owned by Picasso.Second kidnapped exhibit - picture of 1905 Mondrian, which shows a mill on the river. This work is one of the founders of abstract painting was purchased in 1963 by the Greek collector of Alexandros Pappas and donated to the gallery. Source: From the gallery in new York stole a painting of Dali.

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