To the most terrible war film - 55 years

To the most terrible war film - 55 yearsToday marks the 55th anniversary of the film by Mikhail Kalatozov's "the cranes are Flying". The painting, which is called the most terrifying film about the war, although on the screen it sounds just one shot, was released on 12 October 1957.Picture not immediately appreciated. Critics after its release on the screens erupted with a barrage of scathing reviews. However, the film was evaluated by the jury of many international festivals. Film won numerous international awards, including top prize at the Cannes film festival (no Soviet feature film to do it and failed).Many filmmakers believe this film is a milestone in the history of art, such as film Director Sergei Solovyov. "It all started with the film "the cranes are Flying". Not just for me but for a whole generation of filmmakers. Gleb Panfilov, Vasily Shukshin, Alex Herman, let us and years share, said the same thing: a meeting with this film proved to be a turning point in the life", - quotes the Director of "Interfax". Source: the Most terrible war film - 55 years.

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