Died of the self-proclaimed Prince of the state house

Died of the self-proclaimed Prince of the state houseThe self-proclaimed Prince of the state house (Sealand), covering an area offshore platforms in the North sea 13 miles off the coast of great Britain, died on October 9. About October 10, according to Agence France-Presse.Former British major Roy Bates (Roy Bates), who proclaimed himself Prince Roy Bates in 1967, has died at the age of 91 years in a boarding house on the South-East of England. The last few years he suffered from Alzheimer's disease.Unrecognised Principality of Sealand occupies offshore platform Raps tower (Roughs Tower), built during the Second world war, 13 kilometers from the coast of the UK (about 7 nautical miles). In 1966, a retired major of the British army Roy Bates captured the platform and a year later announced the creation on its territory of an independent Principality, proclaiming himself Prince Roy First, and his family, the ruling dynasty.In 1968 the British government unsuccessfully tried to occupy the platform, and then against Roy Bates was initiated litigation. However, the court ruled that the platform is outside British jurisdiction (the width of the territorial waters of great Britain at the time was 3 nautical miles).Principality launches its own currency - kalendsky dollar, and also has a Constitution, flag and emblem, however, not recognised by any government in the world. In the case of recognition of the Principality will become the smallest country in the world.In 2007, the Principality has announced plans to sell the platform. To buy it was about the owners of the torrent site The Pirate Bay to accommodate his equipment, but the deal never took place. Source: Died of the self-proclaimed Prince of the state house.

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