Best foreign pair of tango is recognized as the Russians

Best foreign pair of tango is recognized as the Russians Russian dancers Dmitry Vasin and Taisia Penenkova recognized as the best foreign pair the 10th of the tango world Championship, which ended yesterday in the Argentine capital.Our compatriots took ninth place in the category "stage tango" and fifth in the category of cabin. First place was taken by the Argentine pair Cristian Sosa and Maria Noel Sito.The competition was attended by almost 500 pairs. And on the streets of Argentina's capital a few weeks the concerts and master classes. All the tango festival was visited by about half a million people.The championship is traditionally held in two categories: salon and stage tango. Salon tango is closer to the roots. This is a classic form of dance that originated in the port area of Buenos Aires in the early twentieth century.At first, the tango was a dance of two men. Under various rhythms, caught in Buenos Aires from different parts of the world, they danced, waiting for their turn in the brothels. Many came here, leaving for another continent for their families, often hoping that soon they will be able to be together again, but the difficult immigrant life is not always and not everyone is allowed to implement his plan.Subsequently, the tango became the dance of men and women, the embodiment of passion and longing at the same time. Strict rules of salon tango allow him to retain the original shape. As for stage tango, this type of dance gives the performers more freedom of movement as it combines details of salon tango with elements of acrobatics and other dances.The festival and the tango championship every year attract more and more visitors. This year their number reached half a million people, which is 25% higher than last year's results. Of these, 70 thousand tourists, many of whom arrived in Buenos Aires specifically to attend the festival and championship.The festival offers viewers an extensive programme of activities, many of which admission is free, for others tickets are very cheap. During a two-week holiday tango you can listen to many concerts, to see performances by dancers, both classical tango, and its various modern versions.In addition, the stars Argentine tango lessons for those who are already dancing, as well as for beginners. Every evening in different parts of the city are the so-called milongas. It is a meeting point for lovers of the tango, where you can go and dance, ITAR-TASS reported.Source: Best foreign pair of tango is recognized as the Russians.

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