Marina Aleksandrova stopped hiding her pregnancy

Marina Aleksandrova stopped hiding her pregnancyFamous Russian actress Marina Aleksandrova has ceased to hide their pregnancies. The actress did not specify when the baby comes, but we know that Marina is expecting a son.Marina Aleksandrova has ceased to hide from journalists and appeared on one of the fundraisers to help children in the company of another actress Elizabeth Boyar. Both Actresses have worn in chef's coats and caps and personally cooked for the kids various Goodies. Secular chroniclers immediately noted strongly rounded stomach Marina Alexandrova, a minimum of makeup and the fact that the actress has slightly gained weight.Itself Alexandrov was extremely sweet and went on talking to journalists. "I realized that the most important happiness in life is family. Just over a month ago I went on maternity leave, so now I have the free time to devote to yourself and your family. I try a lot of walking in the fresh air and relax. Generally, when a woman is preparing to become a mother, she varies the circle: begin to see more of pregnant friends or those who already have children", - quotes the Alexandrov magazine HELLO!.However, despite the frankness, Marina never said the most important thing: what sex the baby is and when he will be born. Little pleased secular columnists mother Alexandrova Irina. She said: "When a grandchild is born, to nurse it be me.".

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