Tom cruise is going to play a major role in `the Magnificent seven`

Tom cruise is going to play a major role in `the Magnificent seven`Tom cruise is going to play a major role in the remake of the cult film by John Sturges's "the Magnificent seven / The Magnifcent Seven".The original picture was released in 1960 and became a kind of remake of "Seven samurai" by Akira Kurosawa. Adventure action Sturges, starring roles in which he sang Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen and Charles Brosnon, talked about seven shooters hired by the residents of a small Mexican village to fight against local bandits. The film received three sequels (the Return of the magnificent seven, Guns of the magnificent seven" and "the Magnificent seven back in the saddle"), and after it was shot the same series.Recall that this year, Tom cruise will be seen in the musical "Rock of ages" in June and the crime drama "Jack Reacher" which will premiere at the end of the year. Source: Tom cruise is going to play a major role in "the Magnificent seven"". . . Читать полностью -->

Robert Pattinson plays in the film `Queen of the desert`

Robert Pattinson plays in the film `Queen of the desert`Robert Pattinson plays in the film "Queen of the desert", which he plans to shoot the film Director Werner Herzog. This publication reports Variety.In the center of the plot will be a popular British writer, archaeologist and cartographer Gertrude bell, one of the first women graduates from the University of Oxford at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. She made a trip to the Middle East, in which were determined the future boundaries of Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The role of the bell should play Naomi watts.The Pattinson will become the Thomas Edward Lawrence, a British army officer, writer and archaeologist who gained worldwide fame as Lawrence of Arabia. The film should begin in the fall of 2012.Recall that in 1962, was released the film "Lawrence of Arabia" in which the main role was played by Peter O'toole. Source: Robert Pattinson plays in the film "Queen of the desert"". Читать полностью -->

Will Smith beat the journalist of the channel `1 1`

Will Smith beat the journalist of the channel `1 1` At the premiere of "Men in black 3" in Moscow Hollywood actor lost his temper and hit him in the face the reporter for the Ukrainian TV channel "1 1", which tried to kiss his idol on the lips.After that will is right on the red carpet loudly declared that the guy was just lucky, because he could hit him stronger: "He just got lucky," said the enraged actor.Despite the unfortunate incident, will continued with a smile, handing out autographs to the fans and refused to comment on "the kiss" with a Ukrainian journalist.Source: will Smith beat the journalist of TV channel "1 1" . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Charlie sheen scandal at the stadium

Charlie sheen scandal at the stadiumGoing out to smoke during a baseball game, Charlie sheen did not even know that his passion to nicotine is over for another scandal.After the break the guard would not let the actor back to the stadium to watch the game. Of course, it didn't like Charlie's Bus, and he threw a fit. First, Starscream refused to move from their seats, and then burst into a selected stream of obscenity. Friends struggled to draw the Joker from the cameras, but he could not calm down:"You know what?!, - shouted Tires on the guard. - Suck my balls, you damn fool!". . Читать полностью -->

Identified as the cause of death of five-time world Boxing champion

Identified as the cause of death of five-time world Boxing championThe cause of death of five-time world Boxing champion American johnny Tapia has become a heart disease. These are the results of the autopsy of the body of the athlete announced by the wife and the Manager of the boxer Teresa Tapia.According to her, the death of johnny Tapia is not associated with drug overdose. The Associated Press reported.Teresa Tapia said that her husband died because of heart disease and high blood pressure. Traces of illicit drugs, according to the wife of a boxer, in the body Tapia was not detected.The autopsy showed that the athlete was suffering from hepatitis C (presumably the infection got into his body with a needle, which Tapia was doing one of the many tattoos). At Tapia also revealed chronic traumatic encephalopathy - a disease characteristic of boxers who during his career has received many blows to the head.Tapia died at the 46th year of life. The boxer was found dead at his home in Albuquerque on may 27, 2012. Читать полностью -->

I Karachentsov has seizure

I Karachentsov has seizureOn holiday in Turkey with the actor had a serious attack, because of which he is now forced to learn to walk again.After a terrible car accident that forever changed the life loved by millions of actor Nikolai Karachentsov seven years later and contrary to the predictions of doctors, to a normal life Nikolai Petrovich, alas, never came back. As it turned out with the actor consistently twice a year there are serious attacks. However, this spring, contrary to the expectations of relatives. the attack happened. Gladdened, Ludmila Polina, spouse Karachentsov, I decided to take a "favorite Coca" in Turkey: fresh air, rest, gain strength... But the next day, as the couple arrived in a Turkish hotel, the attack happened.After him, Nikolai Petrovich cannot move independently - carry it on a wheelchair. Читать полностью -->

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