Adriana Lima gave birth to a girl

Adriana Lima gave birth to a girlAngel brand Victoria's Secret has confirmed the birth of his daughter and stated that she and her husband, athlete Marco Davicom incredibly happy:"We are very happy with Marco," said the young mother, " Our little girl is just lovely!".Girl star parents gave a beautiful name Sienna, was born on September 12, in an elite new York clinic. Recall that the rumors about the pregnancy of the model was confirmed in March. Source: adriana Lima gave birth to a girl. . . . Читать полностью -->

Fans of Choi celebrate the 50th anniversary from the birthday of the singer

Fans of Choi celebrate the 50th anniversary from the birthday of the singerFans of the legendary Soviet rock musician Viktor Tsoi today celebrate the 50th anniversary from the birthday of the singer. The main activities in honor of Tsoi will be held in St. Petersburg, where he was born and lived "master of doom" youth of the eighties.Musical project "Viktor Tsoi - 50. Symphonic cinema" will be held in the concert hall "October". Well-known hits of musician will perform the Symphony orchestra of the State Hermitage and guitarist of the band "Kino" Yuri Kasparyan. The organizers promise that some of the songs that the fans of Choi known to the last note will sound completely new way.So, the South Korean rock band "Yoon Do Hyun Band" will show their vision of the song "blood Group". Читать полностью -->

Stars who don't learn without makeup

Stars who don't learn without makeup On the red carpet they are almost always flawless. But in everyday life, all is not so rosy.They are favorites of millions, they tend to be like, imitate them. Well still, after parties, the secular parties and the red carpet these girls always look perfect.However, when there is no professional makeup artist and stylist, yesterday's beauties are simply unrecognizable: wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and in addition to all the serious problems with the skin.Kate moss never had a problem with the photo shoots. Her lined up in a queue advertising agencies, fashion houses, the world's leading glancy. Why? Surely this question is raised all who has ever seen Kate without makeup.Englishwoman Lily Cole, has a specific beauty. It is true only when painted. Читать полностью -->

Zhanna Friske shot a video for the song `Forever!`

Zhanna Friske shot a video for the song `Forever!` Very soon, in early October, Jeanne will present fans with his new video for the song "Forever!". The video shooting took place the day before. Work in the frame lasted more than 17 hours. All this time Jeanne was dressed in sexy outfits that the singer stressed shoes on high heels.While the singer never showed signs of fatigue. On the contrary, Jeanne gush forth with new ideas and literally glowed with happiness: "As a rule, I am very much involved in all creative aspects of my career, whether it's finding new songs, composing my image, producing or production of new choreography. My work shows that I feel at the moment. Читать полностью -->

A picture of `blade runner` will be continued

A picture of `blade runner` will be continuedScreenwriter HAMPTON Fancher, who worked on the movie "blade runner", has received from Ridley Scott's invitation to engage in the plot continue. This was reported in the press release Warner Bros. Pictures.Also confirmed that the new film will be a sequel of the famous film adaptation of the works of Philip dick androids Dream about electric sheep", released in 1982.The action will take place some years after the events of "Running". Previously Scott himself evaded a direct answer to this question.Note that after the death of dick were written several works continuing invented history. Quite possibly, one of which and will be the basis for the new film.Recall that the film "blade runner" is recognized as a national treasure of the US, and a copy sent for permanent storage to a special archive of the Library of Congress. Source: Picture "blade runner" will be continued. Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron will play a military correspondent Marie Colvin

Charlize Theron will play a military correspondent Marie ColvinCharlize Theron is negotiating to participate in the work on the feature film dedicated to the military correspondent Marie Colvin.Colvin was born in new York, but became famous thanks to the collaboration with the British newspaper The Sunday Times. She worked with this publication since 1985 and wrote reports from many hot spots. February 22, 2012 Colvin died covering the events in Syria. She was 56 years old.The name is dedicated to Marie Colvin of the film is not specified. Theron can take part in the film as one of the producers, as well as the female lead.In 2012 the car was released two tape featuring Charlize Theron. Talking about the film "Prometheus" by Ridley Scott, and "Snow white and the huntsman" Rupert Sanders. Читать полностью -->

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