Marina Aleksandrova stopped hiding her pregnancy

Marina Aleksandrova stopped hiding her pregnancyFamous Russian actress Marina Aleksandrova has ceased to hide their pregnancies. The actress did not specify when the baby comes, but we know that Marina is expecting a son.Marina Aleksandrova has ceased to hide from journalists and appeared on one of the fundraisers to help children in the company of another actress Elizabeth Boyar. Both Actresses have worn in chef's coats and caps and personally cooked for the kids various Goodies. Secular chroniclers immediately noted strongly rounded stomach Marina Alexandrova, a minimum of makeup and the fact that the actress has slightly gained weight.Itself Alexandrov was extremely sweet and went on talking to journalists. "I realized that the most important happiness in life is family. Just over a month ago I went on maternity leave, so now I have the free time to devote to yourself and your family. Читать полностью -->

Russian participants Mostly invited to other festivals

Russian participants Mostly invited to other festivalsThe films of Alexei Balabanov's me too, presented in the official program of the 69th Venice film festival, has invited ten international festivals.About it reports "Interfax" with reference to head of the international Department of the Fund for the support of the national cinema (cinema Fund) Elena Romanova."Painting is invited to festivals in Spain, Brazil, Israel, Finland, UK, France, Germany and the USA," Romanova said the Agency on Friday.According to her, the company Intercinema" involved in the realization of the picture within the booth of the cinema Fund, held successful negotiations with distribution companies from Italy, France, Japan, Holland, France, Finland and the USA. "These are areas on which there was a steady interest in the films of Alexei Balabanov," explained Romanov. She claims that the film is "I want" has become one of the leaders in the number of views in the electronic library of the market: "There he saw 36 foreign companies".Romanova said that all domestic films at the Venice film festival has received a comprehensive state support, which fully covered the costs of their presentation and promotion. "As a result of the presence in Venice of our paintings were never visible - they got outside and were presented for the best advertising positions," said Romanov.He added that agreements were reached on the release of the film by Kirill Serebrennikov's "Betrayal" in France and Italy. "However, the final transaction on the film "Betrayal" will be concluded at the film festival in Toronto September 9, as part of the local film market hosted a screening of, " the official said.In addition, at the booth of the cinema Fund was concluded a preliminary agreement on the purchase of the rights to the film "Anton near here" on Italian TV. "Love Arkus intends to show the TV channel Rai Tre", - said the head of the Department.Along with paintings by participating in the film festival at the booth of the cinema Fund presented a new domestic projects, among them - the films are just getting ready to hire in Russia: "the Last tale of Rita" Renata Litvinova, party Berlin film festival "Convoy" (Alex Mizgir), winner of the 23rd "Kinotavr" "I'll be there" (Paul Ruminov), an active participant in the film markets in Berlin and Cannes - 3D animation "the snow Queen" (Maxim Sveshnikov) and "Duhless" (Roman Jumpers).Together with other Russian films of 2012 - "chapiteau Show" (Sergei Loban), "Kokoko" (Dunya Smirnova), "Spy" (Alexey Andrianov) and "Suicide" (Egor Baranov) - they were also represented in the digital film library film market. Читать полностью -->

Best foreign pair of tango is recognized as the Russians

Best foreign pair of tango is recognized as the Russians Russian dancers Dmitry Vasin and Taisia Penenkova recognized as the best foreign pair the 10th of the tango world Championship, which ended yesterday in the Argentine capital.Our compatriots took ninth place in the category "stage tango" and fifth in the category of cabin. First place was taken by the Argentine pair Cristian Sosa and Maria Noel Sito.The competition was attended by almost 500 pairs. And on the streets of Argentina's capital a few weeks the concerts and master classes. All the tango festival was visited by about half a million people.The championship is traditionally held in two categories: salon and stage tango. Salon tango is closer to the roots. This is a classic form of dance that originated in the port area of Buenos Aires in the early twentieth century.At first, the tango was a dance of two men. Читать полностью -->

The final poster final part of `Twilight`

The final poster final part of `Twilight` The producers of the twilight Saga unveiled the final poster for the final part of the Twilight Saga. Saga. Dawn. Part 2".In addition to the advertising poster of the finale of the franchise, which shows all your favorite characters from the series of movies of Bella, Edward and Jacob, in the network there are new images taken during the filming of the movie.Recall that the premiere of the film "Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Читать полностью -->

Died of the self-proclaimed Prince of the state house

Died of the self-proclaimed Prince of the state houseThe self-proclaimed Prince of the state house (Sealand), covering an area offshore platforms in the North sea 13 miles off the coast of great Britain, died on October 9. About October 10, according to Agence France-Presse.Former British major Roy Bates (Roy Bates), who proclaimed himself Prince Roy Bates in 1967, has died at the age of 91 years in a boarding house on the South-East of England. The last few years he suffered from Alzheimer's disease.Unrecognised Principality of Sealand occupies offshore platform Raps tower (Roughs Tower), built during the Second world war, 13 kilometers from the coast of the UK (about 7 nautical miles). In 1966, a retired major of the British army Roy Bates captured the platform and a year later announced the creation on its territory of an independent Principality, proclaiming himself Prince Roy First, and his family, the ruling dynasty.In 1968 the British government unsuccessfully tried to occupy the platform, and then against Roy Bates was initiated litigation. However, the court ruled that the platform is outside British jurisdiction (the width of the territorial waters of great Britain at the time was 3 nautical miles).Principality launches its own currency - kalendsky dollar, and also has a Constitution, flag and emblem, however, not recognised by any government in the world. In the case of recognition of the Principality will become the smallest country in the world.In 2007, the Principality has announced plans to sell the platform. Читать полностью -->

Mila Jovovich decided to keep her daughter from the model of the future

Mila Jovovich decided to keep her daughter from the model of the future Mila gave a candid interview in which he admitted that, in spite of continued employment, seeks the maximum amount of time to devote to my 4 year old daughter ever.The actress often takes daughter on tour with him and taking photos, so to see the baby at the airport, the hand with the star's mom, for the paparazzi is not new. It is worth noting that ever more becomes like Jovovich.Girl is a real beauty and many have tipped her a brilliant future model. However, Mila flatly against the daughter inherits her profession. "My daughter will not follow in my footsteps! I brought my mom in her time as a teenager, a lot of problems and troubles, and that I regret. Since childhood, I've worked hard, made money, and gave me, as I thought, special authority. So I just know our daughter will never be a star child - I mean, will not earn money in childhood and adolescence, acting or modeling work. Читать полностью -->

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