Valery Meladze has presented a new clip

Valery Meladze has presented a new clip Recently Valery Meladze has presented a new video for the track "Lost and found". The singer has again managed to surprise the audience, but this time not only is a great song and quality visuals. It's all in the change of image Meladze - it was blond!On a new clip worked Ukrainian music video Director Alan Badoev, together with the brother of the artist Konstantin Meladze. The shooting took place at the National Opera of Ukraine, so the video turned out grandiose and spectacular. The plot of the video revolves around a beautiful young violinist and singer who loved each other, but their romance is not meant to be long-lasting. Beloved Valeria played a famous model Alexandra Oleynik.The clip is very popular among fans Meladze: 3 days, he gathered more than 1.2 million hits.Source: Valery Meladze has presented a new clip . Читать полностью -->

Vladislav Doronin threw Naomi Campbell for Kate moss

Vladislav Doronin threw Naomi Campbell for Kate moss Unexpectedly, but reliably! Billionaire and, concurrently, the groom's famous "black Panther" Naomi Campbell decided, albeit at the time, but swap one model for another. Yesterday Doronin seen in the company of the British Kate moss on one of the elite beaches in Spain.And not just "in", but literally in each other's arms. However, judging by the pictures that have made local paparazzi, husband of Kate, Jamie Hinz was there and even't flinch - they say that they are just friends and nothing more.Apparently Vladislav've missed my better half who is now involved in the shooting of his new program in the USA that decided to show tenderness and warmth tucked under the arm of moss. Still the same model, and of the right age.And I want to say: be careful, man! Don't you have head to sew and a new mobile phone to buy Naomi! Source: Vladislav Doronin threw Naomi Campbell for Kate moss . . . Читать полностью -->

Catherine Zeta-Jones began to look older than their age

Catherine Zeta-Jones began to look older than their age The other day acting couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas appeared at the party on the occasion of their birthday (wife born on the same day).Judging by the photo, health Michael finally normalized - he looks great and his terrible affliction more nothing like. But kat conversely some upset fans with his appearance.No, of course, the actress looked flawless, but still it looks somewhat alarmed others. The fact that, in principle, still quite a young woman (Catherine celebrated his 42nd birthday), began to look much older than their years. About fatigue say under-eye bags and clearly defined lines. But, of course, all of this is an excuse - when the husband of the actress struggled with cancer, Catherine herself had given him, causing even had a nervous breakdown.But all is trifles in comparison with what the life of Kate and Michael are finally adjusted. And it is very gratifying to see the happy smiles on their faces. Читать полностью -->

`Falling skies` renewed for season 3

`Falling skies` renewed for season 3TNT renewed sci-Fi series Falling skies for a third season. This was reported in the official press release.On average, each episode, created by DreamWorks Television, attracted 5.9 million viewers, making it the most popular series of the summer season for TNT.It is assumed that the third season will start in early 2013 and will consist of 10 episodes.Recall that the action takes place after a successful alien invasion on Earth. Group of survivors organize resistance and are trying to expel the invaders, purpose and nature remain unknown.The first season was released in the summer of 2011.Source: TNT Source: Falling skies renewed for season 3. . . . Читать полностью -->

Daineko, will be treated for Allergy in Germany

Daineko, will be treated for Allergy in GermanyPopular singer Victoria Daineko gathered in Germany. The actress will undergo a course of treatment for allergies, which tormented her for a long time.Victoria Daineko asked still a qualified health professional about your allergies. The actress decided to undergo treatment at the Munich medical. About his many fans declared itself a popular performer in his own microblog."I really want that German doctors were able to somehow alleviate my allergies, if not to cure it permanently," he shared his hopes with fans of NOFX. Young actress admitted that she's nervous before the trip. The singer even has published in his microblog photo of the passport and any flights.Note that Allergy, which affects Victoria Daineko, quite serious. Читать полностью -->

In Russia starts last season of `house M. D.`

In Russia starts last season of `house M. D.`On the Russian TV channel "Home" started eighth and final season of the cult TV series "house MD". Hugh Laurie, who played in it the main character, an eccentric medical genius that violate traditional norms of decency and professional etiquette, admitted that he had long called for the idea that it's time to finish."I have long thought the house very cameraswireless and to take such suicidal ideations constantly simply impossible. Eight years house teetering on the brink of life and death. As you can?" quoted Laurie, the newspaper "Izvestia", he took a phone interview."I have long had thoughts that perhaps we already told him everything he wanted. Every week for eight years I thought, "Well, they can not again to take care of it," admitted the actor. Читать полностью -->

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