Evgeny Pasternak is buried in Peredelkino near his father

Evgeny Pasternak is buried in Peredelkino near his fatherThe eldest son of the poet Boris Pasternak a literary critic Yevgeny Pasternak, who died July 31, will be buried in the cemetery in the Moscow suburb of Peredelkino near his father. As RIA Novosti reported with reference to the niece of Yevgeny Pasternak, Yelena, the funeral is scheduled for 3 August.The funeral service will be held on August 3 at 10 am in the Church of the Holy unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian. The funeral will be held in Peredelkino in 13 hours of the day. Evgeny Pasternak wanted to be buried there.Boris Pasternak lived at the dacha in Peredelkino about 25 years: he settled there in 1936 and remained there until the end of his life. The poet died on 30 may 1960, he was buried at the cemetery Peredelkino on 2 June.Evgeny Pasternak was the son of the writer from his first marriage with artist Eugene Lourie. Most of his life Eugene Pasternak devoted to the study of creativity and the life of his father; he wrote over two hundred works dedicated to Boris Pasternak, was a major biographer of the poet. Читать полностью -->

Nastya Osipova blinded naked forms

Nastya Osipova blinded naked forms Ex-girlfriend Marat Safin and the current lead singer of "Brilliant" flashed naked forms on the pages of XXL magazine. The photo turned out so spicy that when you look at them you start to think, why the mind, if nature gave!But Anastasia believes that the mind of woman is not superfluous. And to cite a favorite. In Oxford he studied in Moscow learned the basics of jurisprudence. Well, as Safin could pass up such a miracle. However, in the summer of 2011, the ex-first racket of the world has come to the conclusion that miracles, probably, does not happen, and young people dispersed.Read also: Porn star Katya Sambuca in a photo shoot XXLBut today Nastya tears for his lost love pours and trying to build yourself as a person." Of course, she wants marriage and children, and until that fateful man was easier to find her, she took off his unnecessary clothing and immediately showed all - then there were none. Читать полностью -->

On the `Pacific Meridian` will show the documentary Scorsese

On the `Pacific Meridian` will show the documentary ScorseseMovies about well-known figures of world culture, the ribbon on the complex relationship between humans and the environment, as well as documentary work about modern Russia will show in the framework of the documentary program of the X International film festival of Asian Pacific countries "Pacific Meridian", which will be held in September in Vladivostok.It is reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to the organizers of the festival. This year the program consists of three sections: "the Art of living", "Ocean" and the films-participants of the festival "Artdocfest".In the "Art of living" to the audience of the festival will show stories from the lives of famous personalities. Among the films in this section - "George Harrison: living in the material world (George Harrison: Living In The Material World Martin Scorsese, a documentary project Diana Vreeland: The eye has to travel, dedicated to the legendary figure in the world of fashion Diana Vreeland, who is the Creator of "glossy journalism", the tape Pianomania about the famous musical instrument tuner Stephan the Knyupfer.The section "Ocean" films has provided environmental film festival San Francisco Ocean Film Festival."In this program we tried to collect the films, which viewers have never seen. This is not a documentary blockbusters manufacturers such as Discovery and the BBC, but a very high quality tape independent studios, which for various reasons do not fall on the wide screen", - said the curator Anatoly Petrov.Famous festival "Artdocfest" will present seven documentaries on Russia. Among them the film "a Bitter taste of freedom. Anna Politkovskaya" Marina Goldovskaya, the international documentary Association wants to nominate for the award "Oscar".X international festival of Asian Pacific countries "Pacific Meridian" will be held in Vladivostok from 22 to 28 September. Читать полностью -->

Reconstruction of the battle of Borodino was visited by 165 thousand viewers

Reconstruction of the battle of Borodino was visited by 165 thousand viewers In a commemorative ceremony was attended by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, lost in the woods a group of French tourists who came to see the battle.Last Sunday on the territory of Museum-reserve "Borodino field" took place the solemn events dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the battle of Borodino.In honor of the memorable dates of Russia's President Vladimir Putin and other dignitaries laid a mourning wreath at the monument to Russian soldiers, laid August 1837 on the very spot where in 1812 he located the battery Nikolay Raevsky. The festive event was attended by about 165 thousand spectators."In the history of our country there were many tragedies and wars, but only two of them are called Domestic. That way they are sealed forever in our national historical memory", - quotes "Russian observer" of Vladimir Putin.According to the President, those events of 1812 unite today the residents of all the countries that experienced the military conflict. They also "serve as a lesson to us and cannot be the reason for the hostility and misunderstanding".The President also presented certificates conferring the title "City of military glory" to Maloyaroslavets and Mozhaisk. These decrees have been signed on 7 may of this year, ITAR-TASS reported.It is noted that in 1839, at the foot of the monument was solemnly buried the remains of the famous General Peter Bagration, who died from wounds received on the field of Borodino. Читать полностью -->

Penelope Cruz was decorated with 2 different covers of the magazine Madame Figar

Penelope Cruz was decorated with 2 different covers of the magazine Madame Figar Sexy Spanish actress Penelope Cruz was adorned with two different covers of the magazine Madame Figaro.38-year-old Hollywood star has appeared on the covers of the new issue of glossy magazines in chic designer outfits - gold jacket from Balmain dress from Stella McCartney. In an interview with the magazine, the actress talked about her elegant style and named the favorite designers:"Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, Ralph Lauren... how to choose? I can't name one designer. I like them all! I don't have a certain style of clothing. I just listen to your inner voice and choose the clothes according to your mood," says Penelope. Source: Penelope Cruz graced 2 different covers of the magazine Madame Figar . Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez made a mistake with the concert costume

Jennifer Lopez made a mistake with the concert costume Actually Jennifer is not but obvious blunder concert with the suit, as stated on the face.In his recent address at the end of the show "American Idol" singer took the stage in a strange outfit, which has played a malicious joke with it. For your room Jen chose a cropped leather trousers, over which the singer wore a lace combipres.For anybody not a secret that Jennifer small stature, so short pants were originally a losing option - they even shortened the legs of the singer. But krutenau top, with bare shoulder and made without the rather big amounts of Lopez even larger. However, the singer herself, her appearance, apparently, was satisfied. Although more fans liked the dress in which Jen arrived at the Studio. Source: Jennifer Lopez was wrong with the concert costume . Читать полностью -->

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