Identified as the cause of death of five-time world Boxing champion

Identified as the cause of death of five-time world Boxing championThe cause of death of five-time world Boxing champion American johnny Tapia has become a heart disease. These are the results of the autopsy of the body of the athlete announced by the wife and the Manager of the boxer Teresa Tapia.According to her, the death of johnny Tapia is not associated with drug overdose. The Associated Press reported.Teresa Tapia said that her husband died because of heart disease and high blood pressure. Traces of illicit drugs, according to the wife of a boxer, in the body Tapia was not detected.The autopsy showed that the athlete was suffering from hepatitis C (presumably the infection got into his body with a needle, which Tapia was doing one of the many tattoos). At Tapia also revealed chronic traumatic encephalopathy - a disease characteristic of boxers who during his career has received many blows to the head.Tapia died at the 46th year of life. The boxer was found dead at his home in Albuquerque on may 27, 2012. Читать полностью -->

I Karachentsov has seizure

I Karachentsov has seizureOn holiday in Turkey with the actor had a serious attack, because of which he is now forced to learn to walk again.After a terrible car accident that forever changed the life loved by millions of actor Nikolai Karachentsov seven years later and contrary to the predictions of doctors, to a normal life Nikolai Petrovich, alas, never came back. As it turned out with the actor consistently twice a year there are serious attacks. However, this spring, contrary to the expectations of relatives. the attack happened. Gladdened, Ludmila Polina, spouse Karachentsov, I decided to take a "favorite Coca" in Turkey: fresh air, rest, gain strength... But the next day, as the couple arrived in a Turkish hotel, the attack happened.After him, Nikolai Petrovich cannot move independently - carry it on a wheelchair. Читать полностью -->

The Director Alexander Mikhailov legs were amputated

The Director Alexander Mikhailov legs were amputatedRussian filmmakers Alexander Mikhailov surgeons cut off both legs due to a serious illness. Producer a dozen films, including "the Cloud-Paradise", "the Money changers", "Sagittarius restless", "I trust In you", was hospitalized a few days ago with abdominal pain.The survey found critical circulatory disorders of the lower extremities, gangrene. To save the life of 57-year-old producer and Director, according to doctors, could only amputation, reports Life News.According to the publication, currently the producer after the operation is in intensive care National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov. The patient's condition is assessed as serious but stable.Alexander Mikhailov was born on 21 September 1954. Читать полностью -->

In Ukraine want to ban cartoons

In Ukraine want to ban cartoonsIn Ukraine, want to ban the show "Sponge Bob", "Luntik", "Masha and Bear", "Teletubbies", "Pokemon" and "the Simpsons". Ukrainian national expert Commission for protecting public morality checks popular cartoons on the availability of pornography.The occasion was the brochure is posted on one of the sites, RIA Novosti reported. The studies proved that cartoons is the special projects aimed at the destruction of the family, the promotion of perversion, drug addiction and other. Who could, for example, to think that spongebob is gay. He lives in a world of men, where women have no place: "Almost all the time he spends with his friend the pink starfish Patrick, who always goes in her underwear.". . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow begin performances by the `ballet`

In Moscow begin performances by the `ballet` In Moscow begin performances of the theater "Kremlin ballet", to be attended by international stars. They will represent more than ten classical performances. First in the program - the ballet "Swan lake" will be shown Tuesday night on the stage of the Kremlin Palace.She was born in Czech Republic, 16 years living in England, and accept it for Russian. "Because I'm Daria Klimentova," she says. Russian name, Russian school in Prague taught dance at the Vaganova system. But in 20 years of a brilliant career is not a single speech in Russia."I am really honored for the first time to dance in Moscow, and "Swan lake" is a symbol of Russian ballet! And yet - this is one of my favourite performances. Читать полностью -->

Son Pevtsov is still in serious condition

Son Pevtsov is still in serious condition The son of the actor Dmitry Pevtsov Daniel is still in serious condition. Doctors reported yesterday that the young man remains in office neuroregenerative,.Father Daniel Dmitry Pevtsov, this is still not give interviews about the health of his son, decided to appease his many fans and friends and family of the young man. "The boy is stable. God willing, all will be well. For Danya pray around the world. Thank you," said the actor, "Komsomolskaya Pravda".In Daniel Botkin hospital Singers came on Saturday morning - after dropped from height of the third floor.In the night from Friday to Saturday Singers Jr. Читать полностью -->

Justin Bieber complained to the authorities on the paparazzi

Justin Bieber complained to the authorities on the paparazziCanadian singer Justin Bieber has complained to the authorities on the paparazzi, which, as stated in the statement, chased by the contractor on the track in Los Angeles and its aggressive drive has endangered the lives of the people who were in other vehicles, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the portal TMZ.Recall that the Los Angeles police Department fined 18-year-old R-n-B-by for speeding while trying to hide from prying photographers.As reported after the incident, the representative of the local police, the car Bieber was followed by five or six other cars. He noted that Bieber was moving on the highway at about 160 kilometers per hour.Justin Bieber became famous after the clips on YouTube, in which he performed his own songs in the style of R-n-B. To date, the artist has recorded three albums, which sold a total circulation of 15 million copies.Last August, Bieber, popular among students, received the award Video Music Awards the American music channel MTV in the category "Best male video of the year. However, according to the online publication the performer takes the first place in the ranking of the most annoying media people: it would like to forget 47% of respondents. Source: Justin Bieber complained to the authorities on the paparazzi. . Читать полностью -->

Christina Hendricks in the Hollywood Reporter magazine

Christina Hendricks in the Hollywood Reporter magazine Redhead Christina Hendricks with her gorgeous rounded shapes clearly stands out against the background of numerous thin Actresses.The brightest star of "Mad men" proved to everyone that to succeed in Hollywood and can without hassling yourself with horrible diets.The actress became the main character of the new issue of the Hollywood Reporter magazine. In a simple but stylish photo shoot Christina appeared in a very feminine manner and once again bragged about his big bust. In an interview she said how about his lovely and sexy heroine Joan:"I must admit that I thought she was a bitch. I tried to make it as realistic as I could not understand: "how can she be so evil?!, - commented on his heroine Hendricks.". . . Читать полностью -->

Valery Meladze has presented a new clip

Valery Meladze has presented a new clip Recently Valery Meladze has presented a new video for the track "Lost and found". The singer has again managed to surprise the audience, but this time not only is a great song and quality visuals. It's all in the change of image Meladze - it was blond!On a new clip worked Ukrainian music video Director Alan Badoev, together with the brother of the artist Konstantin Meladze. The shooting took place at the National Opera of Ukraine, so the video turned out grandiose and spectacular. The plot of the video revolves around a beautiful young violinist and singer who loved each other, but their romance is not meant to be long-lasting. Beloved Valeria played a famous model Alexandra Oleynik.The clip is very popular among fans Meladze: 3 days, he gathered more than 1.2 million hits.Source: Valery Meladze has presented a new clip . Читать полностью -->

Vladislav Doronin threw Naomi Campbell for Kate moss

Vladislav Doronin threw Naomi Campbell for Kate moss Unexpectedly, but reliably! Billionaire and, concurrently, the groom's famous "black Panther" Naomi Campbell decided, albeit at the time, but swap one model for another. Yesterday Doronin seen in the company of the British Kate moss on one of the elite beaches in Spain.And not just "in", but literally in each other's arms. However, judging by the pictures that have made local paparazzi, husband of Kate, Jamie Hinz was there and even't flinch - they say that they are just friends and nothing more.Apparently Vladislav've missed my better half who is now involved in the shooting of his new program in the USA that decided to show tenderness and warmth tucked under the arm of moss. Still the same model, and of the right age.And I want to say: be careful, man! Don't you have head to sew and a new mobile phone to buy Naomi! Source: Vladislav Doronin threw Naomi Campbell for Kate moss . . . Читать полностью -->

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