Health Ilya Reznik causes doctors have strong concerns

Health Ilya Reznik causes doctors have strong concernsThe health of the poet Ilya Reznik causes doctors have strong concerns. They insist on emergency surgery to install a pacemaker to maintain the heart's rhythm. Resnick is unable to walk and barely talk.Now the poet is prepared for surgery. In the house of Ilya Reznik round the clock doctors on duty. He was prescribed a course of treatment, and doctors meanwhile are discussing whether to put the patient pacemaker. The patient lies and occasionally speaks with the staff and loved ones, informs NTV.The 74-year-old poet had a heart attack after he watched the program "Let them talk". Читать полностью -->

Died pianist Brigitte Engerer, who became `forever Russian`

Died pianist Brigitte Engerer, who became `forever Russian`Brigitte Engerer, the newspaper Le Figaro calls "among the most Russian of French pianists, died in Paris of cancer at age 59 on Saturday, June 23, according to OpenSpace. The last performance of the pianist took place on 12 June at the Paris théâtre des Champs-elysГ©es.Brigitte Engerer was born in 1952 in Tunis. Music began before she turned 5 years old, in 1968 at age 15 she won first prize in piano at the Paris Conservatoire.In 1969, the pianist became a laureate of the International contest named after long and Thibaut and received an invitation for an internship at the Moscow Conservatory in the class of Stanislav Neuhaus, where he studied for 9 years.According to Le Figaro, Brigitte Engerer seen in the Russian culture of "sincerity, regret, nostalgia for the lost Paradise". Newspaper Dernieres Nouvelles d Alsaces passes from the words of the representative of the pianist that after training in the Russian part of the soul Brigitte Engerer "forever became a Russian".An important stage in the career of Brigitte Engerer was the invitation to play with the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, made by Herbert von Karajan in 1980. The pianist has performed with many famous musicians, including Boris Berezovsky, Oleg Maisenberg, David Geringas, Oleg Sitkovetsky and others.Last year, Brigitte Engerer, received an honorary award "Victoires de La Musique awards (Victoires de la musique). She was also a laureate of the Queen Elisabeth (1978), Competition. Читать полностью -->

`White tiger` Shakhnazarov fell in a long list of `Oscar`

`White tiger` Shakhnazarov fell in a long list of `Oscar`Russian Director Karen Shakhnazarov's "White tiger" got a long list of the American film Academy award for best film of 2012 in a foreign language, reports RIA "Novosti".In the scenario of the painting became a novel writer and historian Ilya Boyashova "Tank man, or "White tiger". In the story, the Sergeant of the Soviet army Ivan Naydenov (Aleksey Vertkov), narrowly escaped from the burning tank, enters into a deadly duel with the "White tiger" - German tank Ghost.The list included 71 work, the shortlist of nominees on the award "Oscar" will be announced on 10 January 2013.In the agreement the long list of actively represented the creativity of the post-Soviet space. Among the contenders for the "Oscar" in addition to "White tiger" appear "One who has been through the fire" by Ukrainian Director Mykhailo Illienko, "Army myn Bala" Kazakh filmmaker akan sataeva, from Azerbaijan - "buta" Ilgar Najaf, Kyrgyzstan is "the Empty house" Nurbek Egen. From Armenia on "Oscar" claims the film "If only everyone..." Natalia Bleistine, which is called the result of the Russian-Armenian cooperation (the idea of the film belongs to Mikayel Poghosyan). The film was produced under the patronage of the President of Armenia.Last year the Oscar in this category went to the Iranian drama "a separation of Nader and Simin Asghar Farhadi.The highest award in the world cinema during the history of the award "Oscar" was awarded the Soviet film "War and peace" by Sergei Bondarchuk, "Dersu Uzala" by Akira Kurosawa (a joint production of the USSR and Japan), "Moscow does not believe in tears" by Vladimir Menshov and "Burnt by the sun" by Nikita Mikhalkov. Source: "White tiger" Shakhnazarov fell in a long list of "Oscar"". Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez took the stage in a transparent jumpsuit

Jennifer Lopez took the stage in a transparent jumpsuit At his concert, which was held in Madrid, the singer was incredibly good. However, and incredible dance show Jen, and her vocal skills on the backburner as soon as Lopez appeared on the scene.Costumes for her world tour, the singer was prepared with the utmost care. And for good reason. Outfits not only demonstrated the ideal form of Jennifer, but also gave the performance a touch of sexiness, almost fully revealing the singer. Source: Jennifer Lopez took the stage in a transparent jumpsuit . . Читать полностью -->

South Korea has banned the Marquis de Sade

South Korea has banned the Marquis de SadeSouth Korea has banned the novel of the Marquis de Sade "120 days of Sodom", Agence France-Presse September 19, with reference to the representative of the state Commission on publication ethics Thak Chan Hwang."A significant part of the book in the highest degree indecent and cruel, it refers to acts of sadism, incest, bestiality and necrophilia," said Thak Chan Hwang. In addition, to recognize the book "malicious" Commission prompted the description of sex with children, occurring in the novel.Ban "120 days of Sodom" - the first since 2008, the ban imposed on the book by the Commission on publication ethics.Translation of "120 days of Sodom" in Korean appeared in local bookstores in August 2012. After the decision of the Commission to the publisher - the company Dongsuh Press - will have to recall and destroy all copies of the book. The publisher called the ban on "120 days of Sodom," "death sentence book" and appealed the decision of the ethics Committee. If the appeal is rejected, the publisher plans to go to court."This book is not about pornography and violence... She makes fun of and criticizes the dark side of human nature that lies behind such actions," said AFP chief editor Dongsuh Press Li Yong.Marquis de Sade wrote the 120 days of Sodom" in 1785, however, the published book was only in the twentieth century. Читать полностью -->

Died a famous Ukrainian actor Bohdan Stupka

Died a famous Ukrainian actor Bohdan StupkaDied outstanding Ukrainian actor, people's artist of USSR, hero of Ukraine Bogdan Stupka, known to Russian audiences for the films "the Driver for Vera", "Taras Bulba", "Their".Sunday, July 22, died outstanding Ukrainian actor, people's artist of USSR, laureate of the Shevchenko prize, hero of Ukraine Bogdan sylwestrowicz mortar, informs "Interfax" with reference to TSN.Details of the death of the artist are not yet available. It is known that the last four months of 70-year-old actor was seriously ill, being treated at Metropolitan hospital "Feofaniya".President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych instructed Prime Minister Mykola Azarov to create a Committee to organize the funeral of the Mortar.Bohdan Stupka was born in 1941, last year it was 70.Bogdan Stupka bore the title of people's artist of USSR, hero of Ukraine. He has appeared in over one hundred films, including documentaries and television. The last most notable roles Mortar in the movie, became the title role in the film "Taras Bulba" and the character of Gregory Shamanov in the film "Home". Russian viewers remember him also for his roles in the film "the Driver for Vera", "Their", "Grey wolves", "hare over the abyss".In 1980 Stupka received the State prize of the USSR for roles in "Wild angel" and "Uncle Vanya". Since 2001 he was artistic Director of the National academic drama theatre named after Ivan Franko.Mortar in 1999-2001 year was the Minister of arts and culture in the government of Viktor Yushchenko. Читать полностью -->


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