Scarlett Johansson refuses to be beautiful `silly`

Scarlett Johansson refuses to be beautiful `silly`The figure of Scarlett Johansson stare many men, but she does not want to be known only for its beauty. The actress is happy with her aging, because it frees them from the roles of beautiful fools.In a recent interview with Scarlett said: "there are so many amazing women, and they don't even Actresses! I don't want to wear the label of "the sexiest alive". As an actress I strive for anonymity. I won't tell anyone about his personal life. I often read that is written about me, and I don't recognize myself in this news. I never wanted to be a sex symbol, always wanted to be a characteristic actress. Читать полностью -->

Mel Gibson has found a new girlfriend

Mel Gibson has found a new girlfriend It seems that in their preferences Gibson never permanent. Like last time, heart of the actor captivated the girl from the world of music. New hobby Chalk became Italian singer Nadia Lanfranconi, which for five years now lives in Los Angeles, where he is engaged in promotion of his work.Nadia she writes words and music for her songs, though widespread popularity in the U.S., they have not yet received. But it is possible that now, thanks to Gibson, a career girl sharply uphill.First saw them together in the beginning of August, when Mel and Nadia came to dine at a Japanese restaurant. At this time, the couple staged a joint lunch. However the food doesn't seem interested. Читать полностью -->

Travolta again accused of harassment

Travolta again accused of harassmentA member of one of the cruise companies following the massage therapists from Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta filed a lawsuit against the famous Hollywood actor John Travolta, accusing him of sexual harassment, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to CNN.The plaintiff Fabian Zanzi said earlier in the broadcast by Chilean television that Travolta during a cruise to the Caribbean in 2009, allegedly offered him $ 12 for sex.According to the official lawsuit, filed Wednesday in the court of Los Angeles, Zanzi was assigned to the Travolta as personal servants while traveling on a cruise ship. One evening, when he brought dinner to the cabin actor, he complained to Zanzi for neck pain and asked him to touch her, then undressed completely, the document says. Then, as the plaintiff claims, Travolta rudely tried to persuade him to have sex, "causing plaintiff to experience pain, shock, confusion, shock and fear.". . . . Читать полностью -->

The network got the school pictures of Vera Brezhneva

The network got the school pictures of Vera Brezhneva Hardly anyone can dispute that Vera Brezhneva is one of the most beautiful women in the domestic show business. But judging by the photos that have recently appeared on the Internet, the singer has gone from ugly duckling to beautiful Swan.As it turned out, a girl of 16 was more like a sophisticated accounting experience a woman than a young schoolgirl. Faith wore a short haircut and glasses, clearly not dressed according to their age.Read also: 11-year-old daughter of Vera Brezhneva fell in love"I wanted to be feminine, remembers Brezhnev himself at a young age - I like feminine forms.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Cher married young lover

Cher married young loverPopular American singer cher has decided to marry a third time. Chosen one 66-year-old singer became her old lover, biker 42-year-old Tim Medvetz.Love cher and Tim Medvetz together for several years. Moreover, they wanted to seal their romantic relationship by marriage in 2008. However, the couple never registered. Then cher turns on its emergency employment, because, despite his advanced years, she still gives concerts and in films.Now again there is information that cher and her longtime beloved Tim Medvetz resumed talks regarding the wedding. They say that lovers want to get married in the fall in Las Vegas. Читать полностью -->

Monica Bellucci undressed for Vogue magazine

Monica Bellucci undressed for Vogue magazine The actress became a real decoration of the cover of the Italian edition of Vogue.She will soon turn 50, she has two kids, but she is still loved, beautiful and in demand. For example, in September Monica face edition of Vogue. Candid photoset - your attention. Source: Monica Bellucci undressed for Vogue magazine . . . Читать полностью -->

In the Russian hire leaves `Prometheus`

In the Russian hire leaves `Prometheus` In the Russian rolling out the new Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" is a fantastic Thriller with a budget of over $ 100 million, the characters of which are looking for a space solution to the origin of mankind. This is one of the most anticipated premieres of the year.Source: Russian hire leaves "Prometheus" . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Olga Buzova pregnant from Dmitry Tarasov

Olga Buzova pregnant from Dmitry TarasovWell-known TV presenter Olga Buzova pregnant from her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. It is reported that he blurted out one of the participants of the TV project "Dom-2".Haven't yet been settled, the hype around the gorgeous wedding of TV presenter Olga Buzova and footballer Dmitry Tarasov as brewing a new sensation. They say that the leading scandalously famous TV show "Dom-2" is expecting a child. Allegedly social media appeared information about the fact that ' Olya from the "House-2" is pregnant.As transfers RBC-Ukraine, then a lot of people thought we are talking about one of the participants of the reality show Olga Gazhienko. In favor of this said, the fact that immediately after the news the girl went to the hospital. However, it turned out, meant another Olga - presenter Olga Buzova. Читать полностью -->

Adriana Lima gave birth to a girl

Adriana Lima gave birth to a girlAngel brand Victoria's Secret has confirmed the birth of his daughter and stated that she and her husband, athlete Marco Davicom incredibly happy:"We are very happy with Marco," said the young mother, " Our little girl is just lovely!".Girl star parents gave a beautiful name Sienna, was born on September 12, in an elite new York clinic. Recall that the rumors about the pregnancy of the model was confirmed in March. Source: adriana Lima gave birth to a girl. . . . Читать полностью -->

Fans of Choi celebrate the 50th anniversary from the birthday of the singer

Fans of Choi celebrate the 50th anniversary from the birthday of the singerFans of the legendary Soviet rock musician Viktor Tsoi today celebrate the 50th anniversary from the birthday of the singer. The main activities in honor of Tsoi will be held in St. Petersburg, where he was born and lived "master of doom" youth of the eighties.Musical project "Viktor Tsoi - 50. Symphonic cinema" will be held in the concert hall "October". Well-known hits of musician will perform the Symphony orchestra of the State Hermitage and guitarist of the band "Kino" Yuri Kasparyan. The organizers promise that some of the songs that the fans of Choi known to the last note will sound completely new way.So, the South Korean rock band "Yoon Do Hyun Band" will show their vision of the song "blood Group". Читать полностью -->

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